If there?s one thing we Brits love more than a bargain, it?s a bargain cruise with a comprehensive drinks package! This has to be the ultimate cruise holiday deal but, is it a realistic goal: are cheap cruises with drinks packages readily available?

Well, one thing here is for certain: there are plenty of drinks packages available from virtually all cruise operators serving the UK market. Naturally, you?ll need to do a little research; like the cruise companies themselves, some drinks packages will suit you more than others. To help you decide, think about yourself and the people you?re travelling with. If you?re a family, you?ll want to make sure that any drinks package also makes provision for the kids ? it makes no sense saving money on the adults? drinks when you find yourself paying through the nose for every single orange juice and cola.

On the other hand, if you?re travelling as a group of adults and you?re keen to keep the party going but, maybe, less keen on sampling some of the more esoteric choices from the wine cellar, then make sure your drinks package is fit for purpose. Alternatively, if it?s just the two of you and you?re looking for an inexpensive gourmet getaway, then you might want to secure a drinks package that gives you access to the premium end of the drinks menu, so that you can really push the boat out!

Cheap Cruises – Sometimes It’s Horses For Courses
As with drinks packages, finding something that’s not just a cheap cruise but, more importantly, the right cheap cruise, requires bringing a little self-knowledge to the party. Additionally, patience and a keen eye won’t go amiss!
So, don’t be seduced by how much money you’re, allegedly, saving. Be patient, think twice, and make sure that you actually want the cheap cruise that you’re considering, rather than just the saving that’s being offered. That way your cheap cruise will also be a genuine bargain, rather than a potential white elephant.
Another golden rule is to make sure you’ve taken each and every element of your cruise holiday into account from a cost perspective. If you think you’ve spotted your cheap cruise with a drinks package make sure you check that you’re not just saving a small fortune on the cruise element, only to discover that your flights are exorbitantly expensive – or, simply, sold out! Similarly, what looks like a cheap cruise in terms of the basic package, may well end up costing you rather more when you receive the final reckoning – a drinks package will help save you money, but check other extras too!

Are Cheap Cruises Always A Last Minute Thing?
Certainly not, is the short answer! These days cruise companies are wary of being left with lots of empty cabins, so they do their level best to fill them from the get go. That said, if you’re flexible with your dates and not hugely fussed about where your cabin is or how, exactly, it is appointed, it might be worth your while to play a waiting game.
But, do be careful, if you’ve found what looks to be the perfect cheap cruise and you can match it with just the right drinks package, you might well want to bag that bargain before someone else does!