A Christmas You Can Believe In? Try A Christmas Cruise

The Christmas machine seems to crank itself into life earlier and earlier each year. The shops are bedecked with tinsel before the leaves fall from the trees and the whole ‘what are you doing for Christmas’ question starts to get stressful until, inevitably, the hype threatens to ruin the big day by loading it with way too much expectation.

So, wouldn’t it be nice if you could discover a Christmas that took on all your expectations and made a point of exceeding them? Just imagine a Christmas where someone else shouldered all the responsibility and delivered a Christmas holiday that was magical, exciting and relaxing all at the same time. If that sounds appealing, then maybe a Christmas getaway with MSC Cruises is just what your Christmas has been crying out for!

Christmas Cruises - Expensive ‘Bah Humbug’ Or Festive Bargain?
At first glance you might think that ‘cruise’ (Christmas or otherwise) and ‘bargain’ really don’t belong in the same sentence. However, the initial up-front cost of a Christmas cruise needs to be balanced out with the real cost of Christmas at home or in a hotel. Don’t forget that your Christmas cruise includes all your meals (and what meals they are!) plus an entertainment schedule that would be ruinously expensive to duplicate at home - assuming you even had access to theatres and venues capable of staging such spectaculars. Add in ever-changing scenery, wonderful facilities like kids clubs, gyms and pools and our money saving Get More Get All promotion and you’ll soon discover that a Christmas cruise can easily make your Christmas budget stretch that bit further.

Where Will Your Christmas Cruise Take You?
With an unmatched fleet of classic, ultra-modern ships, MSC Cruises operates Christmas cruises right across the globe. You can head for the Med’ and discover (or re-discover) ancient and exotic cities when they’re less busy and easier to explore. Imagine Rome during the Christmas holidays or a shopping spree for last minute gifts in the South of France or the unseasonal sunshine – Palermo was known as the Kingdom of the Sun – that warms your back as you enjoy a Christmas lunch in a beautiful Sicilian Square.

There again, perhaps you want your Christmas cruise to take you further afield, somewhere where the sun is more intense, perhaps? Or somewhere that offers a very different cultural experience from your ports of call? Cruises to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the Emirates offer summertime climates and world class resorts where Christmas shopping is a real 5 star experience. You can replace reindeer with camels, trade fir trees for palms and turn sleet and snow into magnificent sand dunes. And, best of all, there’s no need to forego a truly great Christmas dinner on board or festive drinks from your balcony or on deck.

Of course, Christmas cruises for some mean a trip to the laid back islands and azure blue waters of the Caribbean, a destination that seems to lend itself to cruising especially in the festive season. So, whether the Caribbean is calling or your preference is for the Med’ or the Emirates, why not leave the dreary UK weather behind and enjoy a Christmas that really lives up to its name? Pack your stocking and your swimwear and book a Christmas cruise with MSC today.