How Cruising Can Help You Complete Your Travel Bucket List

We all have a travel bucket list, those extra special experiences that we are desperate to complete in our lifetimes. Complete yours with the perfect cruise

We all have a travel bucket list. Those extra special experiences that we are desperate to complete in our lifetimes. While some may be shared by others, many of the items are personal to ourselves with specific reasons for wanting to realise them. Cruises are a great way of ticking off travel bucket list dreams, one or even more at a time. Here is why: 
Cruising gets you to out of the way destinations
The nature of a travel bucket list means many of the items are difficult to achieve or located in out of the way places. Cruising makes the logistics so much easier to achieve, so if you are looking to venture north to see the Norwegian fjords or to the streets of Havana in Cuba, taking a cruise could be the answer. To fly to such exotic destinations could mean long waits at the airport and even longer periods on board the plane, where you don’t have the same exciting entertainment options as on a cruise. 
Multiple destinations in one trip
If your travel bucket list is particularly long, you will be keen to tick multiple experiences off in one holiday and they are likely to be in different locations. That’s no problem with a cruise, as you can take in the beauty of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona one day and dine on classic cuisine in Marseille another, thus achieving two aims. Perhaps you wish to have the quintessential Caribbean experience, dozing under a palm tree, but also learn to cook in the local style. All of this is possible on a cruise. 
Bucket list experiences included in organised trips
Cruises have many options for day trips available and it may be that your travel bucket list item features. It could be visiting a certain historical monument, but it might also be doing something more out of the ordinary, like seeing a certain species or learning to cook a local dish. Organised trips include many exciting things and could help minimise the planning you need to do yourself. 
Some items you can tick off with MSC Cruises: 
  • Seeing the Northern Lights
While catching this natural phenomenon is not guaranteed, the conditions recently mean you have a better chance than ever to see the skies lit up by the Northern Lights. Every time they appear, they are different, but are always breath-taking when they do. The Aurora Borealis are just one of the amazing travel bucket list items you could tick off on a Northern Europe cruise. 
  • Swimming with dolphins
Nothing compares to swimming with dolphins and this once-in-a-lifetime experience is made all the better by doing it off a private island in the Bahamas. Balmoral Island is a port of call on many Caribbean cruises and home to these stunning marine creatures. Glide through the waves alongside them in the crystal clear waters. 
  • Visit Christ the Redeemer in Rio
Classified as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and possibly the most iconic sight in South America, Christ the Redeemer is classic bucket list material. Arms outstretched and watching over the people of Rio de Janeiro, the famous statue offers wonderful views and fantastic photo opportunities. 
  • Take in the views from  the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building
For those with a head for heights, nothing compares to enjoying the views from the Burj Khalifa, which at 828 metres, is the tallest building in the world. Take a trip to the 148th storey, where there is an outdoor observation deck, allowing you to take in the vista of the city around you. A cruise to the Emirates makes this possible. 
  • Embark on a submarine tour
The waters of the Caribbean are full of beautiful marine life and you don’t have to be a scuba diver to see it. Step aboard the Atlantis Submarine for a guided tour of the colourful coral that is home to shoals of fish and other tropical species. If discovering life beneath the ocean waves is on your travel bucket list, this excursion is for you. 
Explore the options available from MSC Cruises to help you tick off as many bucket list items as possible