Is There A New Younger Cruise Generation?

For some time now the average age of people taking a cruise holiday has been falling. If you include summer cruises in the equation, then the number of children travelling has an effect on the average but, crucially, the demographic has shifted again: so that even if you discount school holiday dates, the majority of cruisers travelling with brands like MSC Cruises are in their 50s and 60s. Not so long ago, the average age would have been around 70 and even beyond. And, let’s be honest, these days people in their 50s and 60s are scarcely old, they’re merely grown up!

The new cruise generation probably aren’t going clubbing on Friday and Saturday night and they might be slowing down on the work front, but, because they’re a little older - and a little wiser - they’re also rather more discerning when it comes to deciding what constitutes a good holiday. Hence, there’s a new cruise demographic emerging, one that’s looking for a different sort of cruise holiday as a way of maximising their levels of relaxation, enjoyment and value for money. Let’s call them: ‘generation cruise’.

Am I Part Of The New ‘Generation Cruise’?
Here’s a brief questionnaire to see whether it might be time for you to sail away and join the latest new-to-cruise recruits?

No. 1:
Do you remember most of the following TV programmes?
(i) ‘Watch With Mother’
(ii) ‘Andy Pandy’
(iii) ‘Flower Pot Men’
(iv) ‘Wooden Tops’
(v) ‘Rag, Tag & Bobtail’
(vi) Pogles’ Wood

No. 2:
How about these – all filmed in new-fangled colour?
(i) Tales Of The River Bank
(ii) Camberwick Green
(iii) Mary Mungo & Midge
(iv) The Herbs
(v) Hector’s House
(vi) The Clangers


No. 3:
Now, that you’re on board with the cultural references, here are some lifestyle questions.
(i) Have you recently taken up gardening?
(ii) If so, are you enjoying it more than you might have thought?
(iii) In fact, have you forsaken going out on Friday for ‘Gardeners’ World’?
(iv) Have you started to include ‘feeding the birds’ amongst your outdoor activities?
(v) Are you considering downsizing your home, your work or maybe just your life in general?

Mostly ‘yes’ so far? Good, you’re in the zone!

If you find do yourself recognising and agreeing with the above, then you’re well on the way to becoming part of ‘generation cruise’. We’ll draw a line under the lifestyle questions with the following question that you might well be asking yourself, but don’t like to discuss in case it’s seen as proof positive that you’re getting old!


Is It My Age, Or Is Everything A Bit Rubbish These Days?
Yes, it’s a common point of view and one that’s especially prevalent among people who, we now understand, are just becoming properly grown up. We’re talking about people who remember the world as it was before social media, mobile telephony and the internet. We’re talking about people who’ve probably spent decades in the workplace and who’re starting to think about life after the 9 - 5. We’re, hopefully, talking about you, because these days you’re someone that’s become rather more discerning about things.
So, don’t worry if you experience feelings of cultural dissonance and frequently entertain the slightly jaded notion that you’ve seen it all before. Chances are, you have seen it before and, quite possibly, it was done rather better too! So, relax, you’re simply seeing the world through more experienced eyes.


Fifty Plus And Full Steam Ahead!
One of the joys of being a tad more mature is that your time becomes much more your own. Work commitments and school holiday dates become less of a tie and you can, instead, look forward to years of carefree sailing. An important caveat to add here is that it pays to stay active and pursue a healthy lifestyle if you want to reap the benefits of your new, found freedom. So, if you want to enjoy decades of cruising off into the sunset then those that are 50 plus need to stay on top of the diet and exercise regimes. These days you’ll find that cruise ships are not nearly as hazardous to your waste-line as they once were. You’ll find excellent gyms and sports facilities, as well as all manner instruction and classes to. You’ll even find the odd bowling alley, as well as some of the most ambitious waterslides you could imagine.

There are walking and cycling tours too, so you don’t need to be sat on a coach to enjoy some of the thoroughly scenic ports of call that you’ll be visiting. You’ll also find that cruise ship food has changed hugely in recent years. If you want to healthy, rather than just well, then this is perfectly possibly with all manner of themed restaurants and expansive menus.


Thinking Of Cruising, Why Not Meditate On It?
And don’t forget your mental wellbeing, either. If you’re looking to shed the stresses and strains of modern life, then a cruise is as good as it gets. There are spas offering some wonderful thermal treatments, a variety of exotic massages and cutting edge beauty treatments, as well as hair salons and barbers too. Add to this the simple joy of being at sea in an environment where almost everything is done for you, and you have a recipe for relaxation that’s hard to match.
When it comes to mental wellbeing there’s strong evidence to suggest that meditation can help lead to a more relaxed and a healthier mental outlook. Many practitioners of meditation recommend taking no more than 10 of your day to do nothing at all. So, just imagine the scope for meditation and contemplation that you’ll find on a week’s cruise – deeply relaxing, we think you’ll agree!

Let’s All Cruise Before We Get Old!
Paul McCartney is booked to headline Glastonbury in 2020 – he’ll be 78 when he takes the stage - and that does rather makes it hard to be definitive as to what really constitutes being ‘old’ these days, doesn’t it? Interestingly enough, Paul apparently wrote ‘When I’m 64’ when he was just 15, although the song was dusted down and rearranged for Sergeant Pepper with the late, great George Martin scoring the clarinets for Paul and the band. Legend has it that George’s ‘birthday greetings’ on his 64th included a bottle of wine from the Beatles’ bass player.

Of course the ‘Let’s All Cruise Before We Get Old’ heading refers to Pete Townsend’s infamous lyric for the Who’s ‘My Generation’ although it seems that, with a new, and warmly received, album of brand new songs just released, the Who aren’t quite ready to hang up their guitars and mothball their amps just yet.

So, if the Stones are still rolling and one of Sir Paul’s best loved songs isn’t far off collecting its Freedom Pass, then, for those that are just hitting their 50s, there’s plenty of time to sail away. If you’re 50 plus and thinking about a cruise in 2020 and beyond, then perhaps it’s time to disconnect from the old routine and reconnect with yourself? Click here to book a cruise!