It?s only natural to want to get the best from your cruise experience. After all, you?ve spent time and money planning your holiday and, therefore, it makes perfect sense for you to get the most from it. But, because cruises are so inclusive in terms of what?s already included in your fare, it?s sometimes hard to know what else you can do to improve on a package that?s already pretty well loaded.

Cruise Enrichment, Tip No.1: Be Better Informed
Keeping abreast of what’s going on during your cruise has never been simpler. As well as the traditional ship’s daily, there’s now a new app’ MSC for Me that gives you instant access to what’s going on, make reservations, and build your own personal ‘to do’ list. If you’re cruising on MSC Bellissima, you’ll get to meet Zoe your very own voice-enabled assistant in your cabin. Just say ‘OK Zoe’ and she’s ready to go to work! Not only does Zoe speak several languages, she’ll also learn your preferences and can do everything from checking your bill to booking your restaurant. Zoe is available on MSC Bellissima and will appear on all subsequent ships.
With all this information at your finger-tips, you’ll instantly know what’s happening and you’ll quickly start to get an idea as to how you’d like to spend your day, your evening and the night-time too. Are there classes you’d like to attend , do you have a reservation at the spa, or maybe there’s a show you just couldn’t bear to miss?
If you want to make the most of what’s happening and really enrich your cruise, then knowing what’s going on, where and when is a must.

Cruise Enrichment, Tip No.2: Get To Know Your Ship
Once you know what’s happening on board, you’ll need to know how to get there! Naturally there are prominently displayed ship maps but, as the saying goes: ‘Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted.’ Therefore, in order to maximise your time spent enjoying yourself, it makes sense to understand the layout of your cruise ship. If you’re using the MSC for Me app’ you’ll find your wristband features interactive way-finder to help you get around via a series of interactive maps.
It definitely pays to have an overview of your ship and an idea of where staircases and lifts are. You’ll want to know where the restaurants are and, in all likelihood, where the bars are too! And, once you’ve found restaurants and a favourite bar, why not enrich your time on board with visits to the theatre, the cinema, the gym, the spa and the waterparks and pools. Finally, on a safety note and for peace of mind; make sure you know where your muster station is.

Cruise Enrichment, Tip No.3: Plan Your Excursions
Your ports of call are an essential part of your cruise, and some ports of call can be immeasurably enriched by an excursion. Some cities are more like treasure troves and, where there is so much to see, we’d always recommend an expert guide. An excursion with an informed local guide can make the difference between a simple visit and a true appreciation of what you’ve seen.

Cruise Enrichment, Tip No. 4: Treat Yourself
Sometimes, giving in to temptation is, simply, the only sensible thing to do! And, where better to indulge yourself a little, than on a cruise? So, if that exotic, hot- stone spa treatment is winking at you from the bill of fare, why not give it a go? After all, one seldom regrets a luxury!
The spa may not be everyone’s cup of tea, although a wet steam, sauna and a spell in the jacuzzi tend to perk most people up. However, with so much to do on board, enriching your cruise with the odd indulgence is far from fraught with obstacles. Why not try one of the speciality restaurants, or a simple stroll around the open decks with a gelato? You might opt for a chocolate treat or, perhaps, something special from the drinks menu? Whatever you choose to do to enrich your cruise, have fun, make memories and live life to the full.

Cruise Enrichment, Tip No.5: Be Adventurous
Brits and British cruisers can be a reserved lot but, once the ice is broken, they tend to break out and have a great time. So, if you want to enhance your cruise, why not be a little more adventurous? You don’t have to go throw yourself down the giant water slide or dangle high above the decks on a zip wire, but you can put your reservations to one side and talk to perfect strangers. You can try food that you perhaps thought you wouldn’t like or stay up dancing until dawn. You can, because you’re on holiday! So, if you want to make the most of your cruise, make sure you pack an open mind, a sense of humour and an adventurous spirit. That way your cruise will be on the road to enrichment almost before you embark!