New To Cruising, Looking For Some Useful Hints and Tips? Join Us As We Debunk The Cruise Myths!

Choosing your first cruise can be a bit daunting. Luckily some of the myths that surround cruising are easily debunked. Here we offer plenty of tips and advice to help turn your first time cruise into the first of many.

I’m Worried I’ll Get Bored
As cruise myths go, boredom is one of the big ones! These days, the facilities, activities and entertainment on offer, as well as the range of ships and itineraries available, make it one of the most stimulating holidays you can imagine.

Cruising and cruise ships have come a long way in the last few decades and MSC Cruises have, as much as anyone, been responsible from driving that change with countless innovations and a steady stream of new ships. Take a look at our fleet of state-of-the-art cruise ships and you’ll get an idea of the care and vision that has gone into their design.

Isn’t Cruising Just For Old People?
No, and again, no! Cruising is for everyone and MSC Cruises caters admirably for young people, young families, single travellers, senior citizens and everyone in between. Generally speaking, MSC Cruises has a younger clientele than many cruise operators and an emphasis on family cruising that can make for a lively atmosphere during peak school holiday periods. However, if lively is not your cup of tea, then cruises outside peak periods will attract a different demographic entirely.

Will A Cruise Really Keep My Kids Out Of Mischief?
Well, we can’t put an absolute guarantee on that, kids will be kids, after all! But, what we can say is that MSC Cruises set huge stall on keeping our youngest passengers entertained with dedicated and supervised Kids Clubs (even a baby club for the under 2s) Teenagers Clubs and some of the finest children’s facilities that you’ll find anywhere at sea or, indeed, on land.
These days it’s all too easy for children to disappear behind screens when they’re on holiday, and that’s where our clubs and trained helpers really come into their own. Organised sports, dance and gaming contests really bring the kids out of themselves and quickly gets them socialising with the others.

An additional, but important, benefit of these organised activities is that parents can simply relax, secure in the knowledge that their children aren’t ruining anyone else’s enjoyment. Indeed, first time cruise parents should prepare themselves for scarcely remembered levels of ‘me time’ whilst their kids make the most of the first rate clubs and facilities. And, if this takes a little getting used to, don’t worry; just like you, your kids will simply be having the time of their lives!

Will Seasickness Spoil My Cruise?
Sadly, there’s only one cure for seasickness, and that’s to sit under a tree! Therefore, given the scarcity of trees at sea, we prefer to preach prevention to first time cruisers worried that they might be seasick. If you’re really prone to motion sickness we suggest that you consult your GP before you travel and canvas the opinion of some veteran cruisers. Don’t forget, many an ‘old salt’ will have started out with the same concerns as you but gone on to quickly find their their sea legs.

Also, please bear in mind that our entire fleet of large, modern ships are fully stabilised and not prone to movement like smaller vessels. And, of course, if you’re in any doubt whilst aboard our medical staff are on hand and ready to help you.

And there are plenty of alternative panaceas too. Sea bands, patches, pressure points and ginger all have their advocates and most can be tried singly or in combination. We don’t recommend port and brandy – and not just because it tastes awful! – but we do recommend relaxation and fresh air.

Is It Safe, What About Bad Weather?
The cruise industry has an enviable safety record. It is one of the safest modes of transport and each of our ships has dedicated medical facilities and qualified staff to look after you. Obviously we hope nothing untoward happens to you whilst you’re enjoying your cruise with us but, should you fall ill or have an accident, then you can be assured of a swift response by our highly trained staff.

Although we can’t control the weather our vessels are fitted with state-of-the-art technology that, wherever possible, allows them to avoid the worst that the weather can throw at you. Our itineraries reflect the best times to cruise in certain regions and all our ships are fully stabilised.

When Should I Book?
Early! If you’re new to cruise we’d recommend booking early to ensure that your first cruise does not involve any compromises due to a lack of availability. These days most cruise companies offer incentives for early booking and MSC Cruises are no exception, generally speaking, the earlier you book, the more you’ll save.

And remember: if you get it right first time, chances are you’ll be cruising for a long time to come.

Where Should I Go On My First Time Cruise?
If you’re unsure as to whether you’ll like cruising, then a mini cruise is a great way to dip your toe in the water. You’ll find a cruise for 2, 3 or 4 nights will help you decide whether this is the life for you and you won’t need to spend a fortune making up your mind.

The Mediterranean is generally regarded as being able to offer something for everyone and the diverse and fascinating port content will give first time cruisers a good idea of what cruising can offer. Cruising away from the open oceans is also a good idea for anyone concerned about the effects of the ship’s motion.

Can I Save Money With A Drinks Package?
Yes, you can but, just as importantly, MSC Cruises offers a choice of packages to suit you, your companions and the type of cruise you’re on. From the ‘Easy’ to the ‘Premium Plus Package’ you can tailor your spend to suit you. There are versions of these convenient money-saving packages for children as well as non-alcoholic variations too.

Do All The Crew Speak English?
Yes, English is our main official language, but do bear in mind that our passengers generally come from all over Europe making for a cosmopolitan clientele. For many of our regulars this simply adds to the holiday atmosphere. However, if you don’t think this is for you and you’d like to maximise the number of Brits on board, then you’ll find that cruises departing from Southampton will have an appreciably higher contingent of British customers.

Do I Have To Dress Up For Dinner?
No, although evening meals in the main or themed restaurants possess a sense of occasion that will encourage you to turn on the style!

Do I Need To Watch Out For Hidden Extras?
No, we have nothing hide! You’ll find full details of our on board service charges on the website as well as an explanation of our highly inclusive fares. These are great news for those new to cruise, who’ll generally find their money will go far further than on an ordinary holiday. Consider the basics: your accommodation and food are included, which means some of the roomiest and best appointed cabins, restaurant style dining and a buffet that’s available for 20 hours per day. Add to this a full programme of entertainment, cutting edge fitness facilities and a host of family activities and you’ll see that most of your creature comforts and an awful lot of fun are already taken care of.

Items not covered in the basic cruise fare are generally items that relate to how individuals wish to tailor their holiday experience. So, shore excursions for example, are not included as they can vary from short familiarisation tours to the most elaborate of adventures. Likewise, spa and beauty treatments cover all sorts of services ranging from a trip to the barbers to cutting edge medi-spa treatments and all manner of indulgence in between!

For chapter and verse on our fabulous, value-for-money fares and the latest deals and availability please visit the website to select your first time cruise with MSC.