Book Summer Cruises For 2020 ? Well, You Know What They Say About Time And Tide?

The best cruise deals for Summer 2020 are here already so, if you want your pick of the best departures and cabins, it’s worth getting your skates on as only early bird cruisers are guaranteed to avoid disappointment! And, if you sort that 2020 summer cruise now, you can spend that bit longer looking forward to the perfect holiday secure in the knowledge that you got the best of the cruise deals right off the bat.

2020 Visions: Where Will Next Year’s Summer Cruise Take You?
It’s just as well you’re thinking about a summer cruise in 2020 now, as the choice is simply staggering. So, have a think and take a little time to decide exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll find that most cruise destinations will be warm - we’re talking summer cruises after all - but, if you find the heat a tad oppressive, then consider cruising in early or late summer and consider where you’re headed. If you value interesting ports of call above hot weather then a cruise to the Baltic might be just the thing. If you prefer scenery over cities but still want to avoid the sun at its most potent, then Norway and the Norwegian Fjords are hard to beat.

Of course, MSC Cruises can show you the Mediterranean better than anyone, and there are few destinations that can match the Med’ for sheer diversity of ports of call. No surprise then that our programme for summer cruises 2020 is the most complete of any operator in the region. You can embark almost wherever you like and choose between the East or the West Mediterranean on a selection of ships that are as comfortable as they are cutting edge. Your destinations might include the little known and seldom visited, from Albania (Sarande) to Zadar in Croatia or the Med’s big hitters like Rome (from Civitavecchia) or Athens (from Piraeus).

Can I Visit The Caribbean On A 2020 Summer Cruise?
Yes, indeed you can, but why stop there? Not when our programme for summer cruises 2020 includes Mexico, and the United States too! Of course the Caribbean has an abundance of achingly lovely islands for you to explore be it the Bahamas or Barbados, St Lucia or Guadalupe. You can even take time out at the fabulous Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, a private, paradise-island designed for pure pleasure and to bring you closer to the natural wonders of the Caribbean Sea.

Remember, wherever your summer cruise might take you, you can be sure of one of the most inclusive holiday experiences and the very highest standards of food, service and entertainment. You’ll travel on some of the most modern cruise ships afloat to destinations as varied and stimulating as any on the planet.

So why not book MSC summer cruises for 2020 now and start looking forward to your best holiday ever?