The Mediterranean Is Calling: Where Should I Cruise In 2019?

Having a multitude of options on the table can be a liberating luxury and it’s likely you’ll have that feeling when considering your next break away with MSC Cruises.

Having a multitude of options on the table can be a liberating luxury and it’s likely you’ll have that feeling when considering your next break away with MSC Cruises.

Currently, our Mediterranean itineraries call in at more than 40 ports across at least eight countries. This means you can experience many different cultures and countries on a single holiday.

That naturally raises the question ‘well, where should I go?’. Fortunately, we’ve whittled down the options for you…

Five Countries In Six Days

Merely mentioning the Mediterranean often conjures the thought of Italy, Spain, France and indeed it is virtually guaranteed that one - if not all - of those countries feature at some point during your next Mediterranean cruise.

This 12-day timetable sees you embark from Genoa in Italy before calling in at Marseille (France), Barcelona (Spain) before taking in Valletta (Malta) and Corfu (Greece). In case you weren’t counting, that’s five countries in just six days.

From there, MSC Sinfonia goes on to take in three more Greek ports (Katakolon, Heraklion, Piraeus) and Civitavecchia - the gateway to Rome - before winding up back in Genoa.

One Holiday, Countless Sights

People who typically opt for a standard resort holiday often find that they’ve exhausted the local area of its most interesting sights and main attractions within a few days. Even with the benefit of a hire car to get about, things can still be a bit samey and there are only so many miles humanly possible in a single day. As such, limitations are unavoidable.

That’s not the case with a Mediterranean cruise though.

One afternoon, you can scrolling down Barcelona’s bustling Las Ramblas or admiring Park Güell, one of the major artist works of Gaudí - just a few days later, you can be absorbing the marvel that is Rome’s Colosseum or simply whiling away a day in the perfect white surroundings of Mykonos. On an MSC Cruise, there are many exciting excursions you could embark on here.

A Journey For Your Tastebuds

Those with adventurous or curious tastebuds are also duly rewarded during a Mediterranean cruise. The fact that you can be digging into a totally different kind of cuisine from cultures literally separated by thousands of kilometres means that you’ll never have the same meal twice.

One lunchtime, you can be munching through a bowl of moules marinière in France’s oldest city, only to be cutting a slice of Italy’s finest pizza just days later; not before you pick at Barcelona’s tastiest tapas though. A cruise around the Mediterranean is a journey for your tastebuds if nothing else.

The best part is that you don’t even have to set foot off the ship to enjoy this kind of culinary variety.

Every guest with MSC Cruises has access to the 20-hour buffet, where you’ll be able to indulge in the best pizza at sea, as well as freshly-made pasta, breads and desserts for an authentic Mediterranean dining experience.

The buffet’s separate dedicated areas really flesh out the variety with the inclusion of a meat carvery, take-away station, dessert corner, pasta station, bakery corner, daily specials corner, wellness corner, kids corner and many others.

Spectacular sea views provide a real feast for the eyes too while you enjoy all of this fantastic food onboard our restaurants.

Itineraries vary from season to season and which ports feature on your cruise depend on the duration of the cruise and what time of year you’re going.

Port stops can be as far west as Funchal and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, reaching as east as Haifa in Israel and Limassol in Cyprus. The fact is everything in between is sure to make for a fantastic Med experience.

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