Your Guide To Propping Up The Bar With MSC Cruises

 When embarking on a cruise, many guests onboard MSC Cruises’ ships take advantage of the generous and wide-ranging all-inclusive drinks packages.

When embarking on a cruise, many guests onboard MSC Cruises’ ships take advantage of the generous and wide-ranging all-inclusive drinks packages.

This means they can indulge every whim and order virtually any drink that takes their fancy, essentially embarking on a mini beverage adventure without the worry of racking up a hefty bar bill. 
There are few limits to where you can enjoy these drinks too, be it with a selection of your favourite dishes from 20-hour buffet, to many of the bars dotted around the ship. 
But with so many bars onboard, you may be curious as to how they differ; read on and we’ll explain all. 

Spa Bar
When you mention ‘bar’, many people think wine, beer, alcohol generally, but that’s not the case with the Spa Bar. 
The focus here is on getting pampered, giving you the opportunity to refresh and revitalise yourself with a range of exclusive wellness cocktails and smoothies, based on the colours of nature. Alternatively, you can opt for a herbal tea, dashed with honey. 

Coffee Bar
Nobody does coffee quite like the Italians and for those that demand nothing but the finest and most authentic experience from their morning java are sure to be satisfied by the coffee bars onboard an MSC Cruises ship. 
Here, you’ll be served established caffeine-based favourites, such as zingy espressos and creamy cappuccinos, as well as inventive and invigorating coffee creations, crafted with freshly roasted beans. 
In addition to special and frozen coffee delights, there’s also the chance to lap up hot coffee cocktails and a tempting array of hot chocolates, including healthier, sugar-free options. 

Martini Bar
Ever feel like you missed your calling in life as a special agent or a suave lounge singer? Well, never say never again because you’ve not missed the boat, thanks to MSC’s Martini Bars. 
In these classy bars, the timeless and sophisticated martini is the star of the show and you get to choose whether it comes dry, dirty, shaken or stirred.
Martinis originally comprised gin, vermouth and olives but with MSC Cruises, you can investigate an extensive menu and find your favourite. Hey, you only live twice… 

Cigar Room
Smoking is restricted to certain spots on MSC’s ships but one of the places you can light up a cigar is in the classic cigar lounges. 
With an extensive selection of fine Cuban, Dominican and Italian cigars on offer, you’ll be able to indulge in a range of premium spirits to cap off a thoroughly refined experience. 
Wine & Beer Bar 

So far, the bars we’ve mentioned bear little resemblance to what many would consider to be the standard definition of a bar: a place where you can get a cold, refreshing beer or a crisp chardonnay. 

Don’t worry, though; MSC Cruises’ ships have these too. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy the finest quality wines to emerge from France, Italy, Spain and Argentina, as well as the best beers from Holland, Mexico, Belgium and Germany. There’s also a range of artisan beers and ciders, and the novelty of sharing a metre of beer with friends, not to mention wine tastings and lectures. 

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