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Why Take A Baltic Cruise?

Think of a Baltic cruise as a serial city break to Northern Europe’s most exciting ports of call, and you’ll immediately start to see the appeal of this classic cruise destination. From the Scandinavian capitals to the living treasure trove that is St Petersburg, the highlights of a Baltic cruise are indeed numerous and you can see virtually all of them in one superb and cost effective holiday.

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Welcome To Ocean Cay – A Luxurious Private Island That Celebrates The Caribbean

Ocean Cay Marine Reserve is MSC Cruises’ private island in the Bimini chain of the western Bahamas. The Commonwealth of the Bahamas comprise several larger islands and, literally, hundreds of smaller cays, including Ocean Cay and its dedicated marine reserve. Think of a fun-loving version of Tracy Island that celebrates its ecology as well as the good things in life and you’re starting to get the idea of this unique and beautifully conceived Caribbean retreat!
Ocean Cay aims to be more than just another picturesque stop on a Caribbean cruise. It’s a luxurious, pleasure-seekers paradise that’s also very focused on bringing the ecology of the Bahamian islands and a love of nature to the discerning passengers who tie up alongside.

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Book Summer Cruises For 2020 – Well, You Know What They Say About Time And Tide?

The best cruise deals for Summer 2020 are here already so, if you want your pick of the best departures and cabins, it’s worth getting your skates on as only early bird cruisers are guaranteed to avoid disappointment! And, if you sort that 2020 summer cruise now, you can spend that bit longer looking forward to the perfect holiday secure in the knowledge that you got the best of the cruise deals right off the bat.