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Beaches In Genoa | MSC Cruises
What Are The Best Beaches In Genoa?

Genoa's position on the Italian Riviera makes it an easy choice when it comes to finding beautiful beaches and breathtaking coastlines. As well as this, Genoa port is one of the more popular ports on an MSC Cruise. But where should you head after you disembark to find the very best beaches?

What To Do In Naples | MSC Cruises
What To Do In Naples, Whatever The Weather

They say that you'll either love or hate Naples, and it's not hard to see why. The city's less-than-pristine streets and questionable drivers see it fall behind the likes of Rome, Turin or Venice when people are booking an Italian escape. For others, these are part of Naples's unique character and why it's like nowhere else in the world. However, what you can never say about this southern Italian city is that it's boring.

Best-Barcelona-Beaches | MSC Cruises
What Are The Best Beaches In Barcelona?

One of the things that sets Barcelona apart from other major European port cities is its proximity to the beach. You can literally walk to the end of its most important thoroughfare - La Ramblas - and you’ll find yourself standing on the coast. While Barceloneta is the most convenient and well-loved of Barcelona’s beaches, you don’t have to venture too far afield to find a wider selection. This opens up a wide array of activities allowing you and the family to make the most of your time in port.

Top Things To Do In Genoa | MSC Cruises
The Top 7 Things To Do In Genoa

As the sixth-largest city in Italy, Genoa has plenty to offer visitors. Genoa is a gulf on the Ligurian Sea that has a port dating back to the 19th century but has been inhabited by humans for thousands of years. As one of Italy's most important ports, the city is closely tied to the Holy Roman Empire and its fleets were widely revered during the Middle Ages. Time is precious when you're on a Mediterranean cruise so you want to make sure you're getting the most out of every destination. So what are the top things to do in Genoa?