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Should I Book A Tour? How Will An Excursion Enhance My Cruise? Let's Find Out!

There’s no doubt about it, choosing the right excursions can turn a good cruise into a great one. And there are plenty of real ‘hero’ ports that just cry out for that big ticket excursion, whether it involves jumping the dunes in a jeep in Dubai or a mini-van drive through downtown Manhattan on a cruise to New York.

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The Best Cruise In The World? It Has To Be A Round The World Voyage

Let’s be honest, nothing fires the imagination like a world cruise. No half measures here, we’re talking about a circumnavigation of the globe designed to show a select group of lucky passengers the most spectacular places on the planet. Above all, it’s an opportunity to see the whole world in comfort and style in a way that eludes other more mundane modes of travel.

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The Northern Lights – One Of The Greatest Shows On Earth

Sometimes the best things in life really are free but, as is often the way with nature’s gifts, you have to pay attention and be very patient in order to see them. The Northern Lights are undoubtedly one of the greatest shows on Earth, but you’ll need to travel in order to get a ring side seat and you’ll also need a little bit of luck too. And, if you are lucky enough to see the Northern Lights, you might also want to give some thought to what exactly causes the phenomena you’ve been lucky enough to witness. The benefit of doing this is that you’ll appreciate just what an extraordinary collection of circumstances have come together to create one of the greatest shows on earth.