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The Citadel that Overlooks the Atlantic Ocean

Canada is a huge country that offers tourists a large number of wonderful attractions to visit and explore. One of those not to be missed is Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia found on the east coast of Canada and one of the places you can visit on an MSC Cruise.

Each city has a symbol that represents it more than anything else: for Halifax, its citadel that dates back to the late 18th century, famous in Canada both for its beauty and for its historical importance, fills that role. Inside the star-shaped citadel, you can explore the history of Halifax on guided tours. The museum staff, dressed as soldiers of the army and navy, will show you the clothes used in the past and other items in maritime activities.
To the south-west of the city, your MSC cruise will offer you an excursion to one of the most beautiful and evocative settings on the Atlantic coast, the small village of Peggy's Cove, famous for its red lighthouse that was built in 1868. In this fishing village, elements of nature and domestic intimacy coexist: it is a land of boulders eroded by glaciers where the presence of humans can be found only in a handful of colorful houses and fishing shacks over the waters of the marina. The village lighthouse stands on top of a granite outcropping, made slippery by the splashes of the ocean waves.
Less than a kilometer from the public gardens of Halifax can be found another place of great historical-cultural interest that you can visit on your MSC cruise: the Fairview Cemetery, a Canadian cemetery, famous for being the resting place for 121 victims of the shipwreck of the Titanic.
Halifax's connection with the famous naval tragedy on April 15, 1912 can also be seen at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, which houses an excellent permanent exhibition on the disaster, including photographs, wooden artifacts and the only intact Titanic deckchair in the world.

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    The land of opportunity
    The land of opportunity

    A holiday to the United States with MSC Cruises is a unique chance to discover the east coast of this huge country.

    The states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine – collectively known as New England – exemplify America at its most nostalgic: country stores that brim with cider and gourds, snow-dusted hillsides, miles of blazing autumn foliage, clam shacks, cranberry bogs and an unruly ocean that distinguishes and defines it all.

    A cruise to the United States is the right way to visit New York City, cultural and financial capital of the US, if not the world, an adrenaline-charged, history-laden place that holds immense romantic appeal for visitors. Brochure images of tanning tourists and Mickey Mouse give an inaccurate and incomplete picture of Florida.

    The essential stop is cosmopolitan, half-Latin Miami. A simple journey south from here brings you to the Florida Keys, a hundred-mile string of islands known for sport fishing and coral-reef diving. Beyond Palm Beach, the coast is less developed; even the Space Coast, anchored by the extremely popular Kennedy Space Center, is smack in the middle of a nature reserve.

    Just south of the Georgia state line, St Augustine is the spot where Spanish settlers established the first permanent European foothold in North America.