The “Coin Cerimony” held on February 2nd marked a milestone in the construction of MSC SEAVIEW giving a clear sign of MSC Cruises’ serious intention to triple its fleet by 2023.

Such a massive undertaking will ensure MSC Cruises will continue to be the world’s largest privately-owned cruise line as well as market leader in Europe, South America and South Africa. But one cannot count exclusively on heavy investments, long term marketing plans, technological advancements and ever more modern and safer ship designs to get by, we also need a little luck!

The “coin ceremony”, held at the FINCANTIERI shipyards in Monfalcone, is an age old tradition carried out in the early stages of the building of a ship to bring luck to the vessel during it’s future voyages.

MSC Seaview will come into service in June 2018, sailing the Western Mediterranean in her inaugural summer season visiting the ports of Genoa, Naples, Messina, Valletta, Barcelona and Marseille. In November the ship will then sail on to Brazil with as transatlantic cruise that will give some lucky voyagers the chance to have a two week cruise across the ocean.

Like its sister ship MSC Seaside, this vessel has taken ship design to a whole new level. With its 323 metre length and impressive 160,000 tonnes, MSC Seaview will accommodate over 5,000 guests

With a breathtaking 360° ocean level promenade it will allow guests to experience the sea and not just float above it, while enjoying mesmerising views even while dining, shopping or just walking around.
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MSC Seaview, the world’s seas now have a new standard in comfort, entertainment and safety.