With the arrival of MSC Meraviglia, MSC Seaside and MSC Seaview guests will be able to enjoy a richer cruising experience by sharing, connecting, discovering and organising their time and schedule onboard.

Created for you, we have called it MSC for Me.
MSC for Me puts new technology at your service, offering you an enhanced and innovative onboard experience. Before departure, you will have the possibility to enhance your cruise. In addition, while cruising, you will be connected with the ship, the crew members and a range of exciting, personalised services whenever they like, from wherever they are. 

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Throughout the ship guests will have access to over 350 interactive  screens in order to manage dinner bookingsexcursionsspa treatments and much more, or simply to check the daily program and discover what shows or films are available that particular day. 

Connections are guaranteed by over 700 access points and 3,000 beacons, while security is monitored by 1200 CCTV cameras

All personalised services will be always available thanks to MSC for me App.
Discover some of services available:  

-Navigation will help you get around the ship with maps, directions and how to reach placesor by keeping you in touch with other members of your group. 

-Organiser is there to help you planning and reserving excursions, theatre shows or your favourite dinner table. Even allowing youto check in or make bookings for on-board events before you board  

-Concierge gives you direct contact with our experienced and trained staff to help you with anything you may need help with.

-TailorMade is an application that quickly understands your preferences and suggests events, excursions, shows and places you may be interested in and want to visit. Face recognition, geo-localisation and interactive bracelets are options you may want to choose to further enhance the functionality of the app.
-Capture will unexpectedly surprise you: capture the moment as it happens, share it instantly online with those you love or immerse yourself in the photo galleries showing the story of your trip so far.
Download the app on personal device, smartphone or tablet, and start preparing for your cruise. Once on board you will be instantly ready to enjoy the experience! 

Special bracelets will also allow adults to have key-free room access and easy payment where available on the ship. Kids’ bracelets will give parents peace of mind by tracking their location, so kids can move freely and parents don’t need to worry. 

You and your kids can also have fun with our Digital Dressing Rooms, videos that allow you to experiment with clothes virtually before actually trying or buying them (on MSC Seaside). 
You can also consult the Emotional Photo Gallery where you can browse,print and order pictures of you and your family. 
Kids’ Multi-Media Tables can also be booked? so they can learn, play and share. 

All these innovative services, made possible thanks to state-of-the-art technology, have been designed to help you make the most of everything available to you, so you can immerse yourself in a sea of technology, experiences and opportunities.
Cruises will never be the same with MSC for Me.