Discover how our plans for MSC Meraviglia Class, MSC Seaside Class, MSC Meraviglia Plus Class and MSC World Class ships are shaping the future of cruising until 2026.
MSC Cruises have always led the way by looking beyond the horizon. 
Today, with a 10-year plan that includes 11 new ships for a total of over 1.25 million tones and a capacity of almost 68.000 passengers, we are looking further than ever before.
Size and quantity are only two of the factors that underline future development. MSC Cruises have started a deep re-think of how ships should be built so as to improve the efficiency of vessels, making them more comfortable, spacious and the entertainment more varied in order to give clients an enhanced cruising experience few can even imagine today.
The massive €9 billion commitment with STX in France and Fincantieri in Italy won't just triple our fleet; it will do so with cutting edge ships, unseen design and technology unheard of before.
In 2017 the change is already well under way with the launch on 3rd June of MSC Meraviglia, the first in the MERAVIGLIA CLASS, and towards the end of the year in December 2017, MSC Seaside, the first in the SEASIDE CLASS. 2018 will welcome MSC Seaview
In March 2019 MSC Bellissima will begin cutting the high seas while in 2020 the first of the MERAVIGLIA PLUS will be launched.
The last of the SEASIDE CLASS cruise ships will be floated in 2021
The real game changer will come in 2022. The second MERAVIGLIA PLUS will be put at sea, while the first of four revolutionary WORLD CLASS ships will be something the seas have never seen before. 
Three further deliveries of WORLD CLASS cruise ships are expected in 2024, 2025 and 2026.
The improvements in ship design and build will make them environmentally friendlier to more fuel efficient. They will be more spacious and better equipped, with more features and even more entertainment areas than each previous ship, so as to benefit our guests.
Just to give you an idea in size, today MSC Seaside, with its staggering 360° 7mt wide ocean level deck and breathtaking aqua park, is 323 mt in length with a capacity of 5100 guests. 

MSC Meraviglia will soon cater for 5700 guests along its 315mt hull. The MERAVIGLIA PLUS will grow even further to 331mt with an extra 900 passengers.
The WORLD CLASS ships are so groundbreaking we can only tell you that when we confirmed and announced the order for these four vessels at the Élysée Palace in Paris, our founder, Gianluigi Aponte, was invited to meet STX’s CEO, Laurent Castaing, and none other than the President of the French Republic, François Hollande.
For the moment all we can tell you is that they are the most futuristic ships ever conceived, and their development at the moment is top secret, which means news and information will slowly be released over the next few years.
Start making plans for your future MSC experiences.