6 things you need to know about MSC Meraviglia    

Every ship in MSC Cruises’ 12-strong fleet is magnificent and jaw-dropping, but similar to how every World Cup-winning side has its star player, there’s one MSC Cruises ship in particular that is extra special, and that ship is the MSC Meraviglia.
Here, we’ve picked out some of the most impressive facts you should know about the jewel in MSC Cruises’ crown...
It is the fourth largest ship in the world
Aside from being the flagship in the MSC Cruises fleet, MSC Meraviglia is amongst the largest ships on the seas, with a gross tonnage of 167,600.
Stretching for 315 metres, it is as long as Big Ben in London is tall, and with 2,244 staterooms and 33,000m2 of public space, it has enough capacity to accommodate up to 5,714 guests.

It has the longest LED dome at sea
One of the most eye-popping features onboard MSC Meraviglia isn’t the 96-metre central promenade, which is packed with boutiques, restaurants and relaxation spots, but the giant 480 sq.m. LED screen above it.
Covering the entire ceiling inside the promenade, it is officially the longest LED dome found on any ship on the seas - a title it will share with MSC Bellissima when it sets sail in 2019.
This massive LED screen constantly transmits an atmospheric digital sky that animates the whole area from above with inspiring vistas, events, sunrises, sunsets and starry night skies.
There’s endless entertainment
Every ship in the MSC Cruises fleet is packed with entertainment and activities, but as the flagship, MSC Meraviglia goes even further.
It hosts no fewer than 12 exclusive performances by Cirque du Soleil At Sea every week in the purpose-built 1,000 sq.m. Carousel Lounge, with enough seating for up to 450 guests. Some 120 of those can also enjoy dinner or cocktails as part of the show and dining experience. There’s also a 985-seat Broadway Theatre that can host world-class productions too.
Away from the theatre, there are ten different areas for dancing, the first full-size bowling alley at sea, one of the most intricate and exciting water parks at sea with three exhilarating waterslides, two Formula 1 virtual reality racing car simulators, as well as an entertainment schedule spanning 20 hours every day.
That’s even before we mention the TV studio, spacious sportplex and multitude of clubs for kids and teenagers.
It serves the best food at sea
Guests are spoilt for choice onboard MSC Meraviglia with 12 distinct dining venues to choose from.
Quality is prioritised just as much as quantity too. The Kaito Sushi Bar was voted to have the best sushi at sea, while MSC Cruises is proud to offer the best pizza at sea after teaming up with Italian online marketplace Eataly.
There’s also the opportunity to indulge in sweet delights from award-winning pastry chef Jean Philippe Maury at his own onboard chocolate atelier and creperie named the ‘Jean-Philippe Chocolat & Café Ean-Philippe Crêpes & Gelato’.
Amazing views as standard
Three-quarters of the staterooms onboard MSC Meraviglia have balconies, so there’s a high chance you’ll frequently wake up to a breathtaking view.
It was christened by the legendary Sophia Loren
MSC Meraviglia was officially launched on June 3rd, 2017, in Le Havre near Rouen in Northern France by none other than Sophia Loren: the glamorous global icon of Italian cinema.
She has also launched other MSC Cruises vessels in the past, including MSC Divina and MSC Poesia, something which reflects MSC Cruises’ belief in loyalty, as well as Ms Loren’s unique beauty, talent and Mediterranean style.

It will take you to at least four countries
During a seven-night voyage, MSC Meraviglia will stop off for several hours in at least four different countries, dropping anchor in Barcelona (Spain), Marseille (France), Genoa, Naples and Messina (Italy), and finally, Valletta (the capital of Malta).
This is a fantastic way to get a taste of many different countries and cultures in a short space of time.
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