Celebrate your anniversary with a cruise

Whether you had a very simple wedding ceremony back in the day and now want to celebrate in style or you like the idea of having all your family around you, anniversaries are a great opportunity for a cruise. There is nothing more romantic than sailing off into the sunset with your other half and the loved ones you wish to include. Here are a few ideas for marking 10, 30, 50 or even 60 years together.
Pick a romance package
There is a whole host of romance packages on board cruise ships, which allow you to celebrate in style. Whether you'd like a bottle of sparkling wine and some chocolate-covered strawberries delivered to your cabin or a special cake to enjoy with the rest of your party in the restaurant, the options are almost endless.
Upgrade your cabin
If you and your partner embark on a lot of cruises, then your anniversary is a great excuse to upgrade more than you would usually. Opt for a cabin with a balcony or even go for a suite and enjoy all of the other extras that come with this type of accommodation. If you book the Fantastica experience, for example, you can have your breakfast delivered to your cabin and can enjoy it in privacy on your balcony with views over the ocean. After all, marriage is worth celebrating.
Choose a romantic destination
The ports of call are just as important on a cruise as the ship you sail on, so choose a cruise with a romantic itinerary. It could be that places such as Venice are included or alternatively, you could use your cruise to revisit your honeymoon destination to relive your youth. Another option is to pick somewhere that you’ve always wanted to go together. A special anniversary is the perfect excuse for a Caribbean cruise together.
Spend some quality time together
Treat your husband or wife to a special pamper session at the onboard spa, complete with a couples massage and other relaxing activities. There are various packages to choose from that will allow you to enjoy some quiet time together and feel all your stress melt away.
Dine in style
Cruise ships have so many dining options it can be difficult to choose where to eat each evening, but it does mean you have lots of choice for your special day. On the night of your anniversary, you could be eating in exquisite style as part of the Yacht Club, which offers exclusive venues and the most delicious food you have ever tasted at sea.
Celebrate with the whole family
One of the wonderful things about looking back at years of marriage is seeing everything that you have created together and that includes family. Have all your loved ones together on your cruise for a particularly poignant celebration.
Choose the Caribbean cruise to help celebrate your next special anniversary