5 Reasons To Explore The Caribbean On MSC Armonia

When it comes to finding heaven on earth, the Caribbean is about as close as we’re ever going to get. It’s the kind of place people imagine when they try to fathom the most relaxing holiday possible and that isn’t a coincidence. The sun-drenched region is awash with a carefree vibe and, put simply, if you can’t chill out during a Caribbean cruise, then you’re probably an irrepressibly manic flying insect of some sort. Visiting a region as unique and impeccable as the Caribbean warrants an equally special ship, so here are several reasons why you should explore the Caribbean on MSC Armonia.

Experience Several Beautiful Caribbean Islands In A Short Space Of Time

Embarking on any voyage with MSC Cruises means you’ll have the opportunity to visit a number of different countries over a set number of days. But in the case of a Caribbean cruise, you’re likely to experience some of the most fascinating and downright gorgeous destinations on the planet in a short space of time. Essentially, you’ll be island-hopping around the Antilles and Caribbean, from Jamaica to the Cayman Islands, Mexico to Nassau in the Bahamas, not to mention enjoying overnight stays in Cuba and Puerto Rico, as well as stop-offs in Miami.


Relax On The Gorgeous Beaches

You don’t need us to tell you that the Caribbean features some of the most magnificent stretches of sand anywhere. But let us tell you about them anyway. The Bahamas comprises more than 700 islands but with MSC Cruises, you’ll most likely stop off at the capital: Nassau. That’s just as well because Nassau is home to Cabbage Beach. It might not sound too enticing but thankfully, its name isn’t literal and rather than acres of unappealing dried musty-smelling cabbage leaves, you’ll encounter a beautiful, wide stretch of soft white sand, spanning around two miles across the coastline. You can get a break from the sun under small tiki structures, while several places will rent you water sports equipment like jet skis and floats. As Cabbage Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the Caribbean, it can become crowded and busy, especially at the western end, but other top spots you could try are Coral Harbour Beach, Saunders Beach, Cable Beach and the questionably named but usually deserted Jaws Beach.

Beach in Caribbean


Relax Even More On Board

When on a Caribbean cruise, you don’t need to set foot on a Caribbean island to indulge in sublime relaxation. That’s because MSC Cruises’ ships have a wealth of facilities to unwind already built-in. On MSC Armonia, the MSC Aurea Spa has been enhanced and extended to provide even more space to relax and de-stress. With an exotic decor incorporating natural stone, wood, rich mosaics and amazing sea views, the MSC Aurea Spa provides the opportunity to enjoy an authentic Balinese spa at sea with up to 20 different types of massage and 19 body treatments, as well as a sauna and Turkish bath.

Spa treatment on caribbean cruise

Enjoy Luxury In Between The Gorgeous Islands

On a ship as vast and well-equipped as MSC Armonia, time between gorgeous islands like Jamaica and Nassau can be spent in luxury, thanks to the Fantastica and Aurea Experience packages. With a focus on even greater comfort and flexibility, the Fantastica Experience means guests can enjoy around-the-clock room service and a priority choice of dining times in gourmet restaurants. There’s also the option to stay in prestigious staterooms, such as SuperFamily cabins located on the upper decks of the ship, which feature connecting doors with rapid access to lifts and lounges. Meanwhile, the Aurea Experience means you can set sail for pure relaxation. Focusing on pampering and wellbeing, this package includes priority boarding and an elegant cabin with free wellbeing products and a complimentary dressing gown and slippers. Aurea Experience guests can bask in the exclusivity of a private sun deck and dine at a time of their choice in a reserved area of the restaurant, all while enjoying all-inclusive unlimited drinks. Topping off the package’s reinvigorating vibe is a spa welcome cocktail, one massage of your choice, tanning shower, private wellness consultation and unrestricted use of the thermal area throughout your Caribbean cruise.

Send Your Taste Buds On An Around-The-World Trip

You may be visiting all sorts of destinations on a Caribbean cruise, but you can take your taste buds on their own world tour thanks to the variety of restaurants and cuisine available on board. Similarly, the range of cocktails available in MSC Armonia’s bars means you can take in a taste of the Caribbean without even setting foot on one of the islands.
food on board msc armonia
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