Why cruising is great for children that are fussy eaters

There are plenty of challenges associated with travelling as a family and food is just one of them. It may be that your child has specific dietary requirements that mean they do not like to try new things or that they are quite fussy about what they eat. It could also be the adults in the party that need to be careful at mealtimes. Different scenarios can lead to difficult holidays, but a cruise could be the perfect solution.
Wide selection
With such a wide selection of restaurants on our ships, there are bound to be things to suit your fussy eater. If all they want to dine on is one thing, then there are restaurants that cater to this. There are even stations at the buffet where you can put together the different elements of your dish yourself, meaning your child can skip out anything they do not like.
You will have peace of mind right from the time that you book your cruise, as your dinner preferences will be taken into account. This will result in a table being reserved for you for the duration of the cruise. It will be at the same table in one of the main restaurants for the sitting that best suits you. This consistency will not only help to reassure your child, but will also allow the staff to get to know your family and your needs. If choice is an issue, then the buffet has a huge selection of dishes and is open 20 hours a day.
Special dietary options
Whether you require kosher ingredients, vegetarian dishes, gluten free options or sugar free desserts, cruises can cater to all these dietary requirements. Sometimes it is even easier on board a ship than it is trying to find these things at a restaurant in your local home town. Gluten free is now common in the UK and on ships, but not necessarily in all of a cruise’s destinations.
No language barrier
Dining on board means you do not have to struggle with the language barrier in a restaurant to convey the intricacies of your child’s dietary requirements. If you have ever holidayed in Spain with a vegetarian, you will know the concept of not eating meat is just as difficult to explain as the words for it.
Express lunches
If you have concerns about what your child will eat when you head to a port for an afternoon excursion, there is nothing to fear. Order an express lunch and ensure that everyone is well fed before leaving the ship.
Clearly signed buffets
Children will be more confident in ordering different things on an all inclusive cruise if they know what they are. The buffets are set up with little signs saying what each item is, enabling parents to help guide their kids through the choices without any guesswork and the inevitable shying away from foods they are not 100 per cent sure they know what they are.
Dedicated kids’ corner
Ships are used to welcoming fussy eaters on board and are well versed in what kids like to eat. That is why you will find a dedicated kids’ corner where they can head straight to the stuff they love. No fuss, just happy meal times.
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Dining on board an all inclusive cruise can help give parents of fussy eaters the peace of mind to have a relaxing stress-free holiday.