Cruise To The Future: Tomorrow’s Tech Is On MSC Cruises’ Ships Today

Cruise ships have been sailing the world’s oceans in a leisure capacity since the mid-1800s and as you’d expect, the technology featured onboard has come a long way since then. Technology embellishes much of our daily lives, from how we watch our favourite TV shows to how we drive our cars, and MSC Cruises hasn’t been excluded from this technological revolution - in fact, it’s at the forefront of it.

What is MSC For Me?

People depend on their mobile phones now more than ever. Recent research from Ofcom found that the average Briton checks their phone every 12 minutes, with two-thirds of under-35s looking at their phone within five minutes of waking up. There’s little question smartphones have become central to our lives, which is great news because anyone sailing with MSC Cruises can reap the benefits unlocked by the MSC For Me app
Available for both Android and iOS devices, MSC For Me lets every guest take charge of their time on board, allowing them to check-in, navigate around the ship, book a restaurant table for dinner and so much more. The more you use the app, the more it learns about you, which means it can make personalised recommendations, from hand-picked films to your favourite wine. It uses face recognition to help staff provide you with even better service, while the app uses your phone’s GPS to make suggestions of what’s nearby. Meanwhile, the app even ventures into the realm of wearable tech and can be paired with interactive wristbands to connect you to the ship via the thousands of beacons dotted around the decks. These wristbands debuted on the mega-ship MSC Meraviglia and MSC Seaside and will be introduced to other selected ships in due course.

Interactive cruise ships

As one of the newest names in the MSC Cruises fleet, MSC Meraviglia is jam-packed with technology. Let us hit you with some numbers. Across its 14 passenger decks, you’ll find 114 interactive screens, 244 informative screens, 31 virtual screens, 81 videowall monitors, 3,050 iBeacons, 2,244 NFC door opening cabins, 700 access points and 1,200 CCTV cameras.

Exercise at Sea with Technogym

MSC’s innovative technology even stretches into the onboard gyms, which are state-of-the-art thanks to the installation of Technogym cardio and strength-training equipment, offering a wide range of original fitness courses and training programmes.

4D cinema

Forget 3D and IMAX, MSC Cruises’ 4D cinema is easily the most immersive cinema experience you’ll probably ever feel. Part-cinema, part-rollercoaster, it brings together moving seats, 3D graphics and artificial weather effects for a unique pulse-racing experience. With themes covering a haunted mine, intergalactic robots and a race in space, among others, our 4D cinema has more than enough to keep you coming back time and time again.