Introducing Southampton

From later this year (2017), MSC Cruises will start to operate cruises from Southampton aboard the MSC Preziosa. These will be joined by sailings of MSC Magnifica departing from the port in 2018. So, what do you need to know about the port of Southampton and all its features? Read on to find out.
The UK’s cruise capital
Southampton has been called the capital of cruising in the UK and it is not surprising, since cruise ships have been docking at the port since 1840. Since those early days, Southampton’s cruise infrastructure has grown to accommodate four terminals and serve in excess of 1.7 million passengers.
Making the most of Southampton
While Southampton is a convenient departure and arrival point for anyone wishing to cruise from the UK, there is more to the city than just its port. Should you wish to linger a little longer and soak up some of the culture and entertainment in Southampton, here are some of the options you have.
·         Historic Southampton – start at Bargate, which has acted as the northern entrance to the Old Town since medieval times. From here, you can tour the walls and take in various interesting sights, including God’s House Tower and the Merchant’s House.
·         The Titanic Trail – learn more about the most famous ship ever to depart from Southampton on a route that takes you from the Musician’s Memorial to the Maritime Museum.
·         The Jane Austen Trail – the famous author visited Southampton many times, before finally decided to live in the city. If you are a literature lover, you will want to follow in her footsteps.
The city of Southampton is less than ten minutes’ drive away from the cruise port, meaning you can take advantage of its facilities. This could be a place to stay the night before departure, stopping off for a meal before making your way to the port or picking up a last-minute item you may have forgotten. You can also easily get to the terminal with public transport, combing the train with a bus or a flight with a short taxi ride.
Driving to the Southampton cruise terminals could not be easier, as they are clearly marked. To best find your way to embark on the MSC Preziosa, you need to head for Ocean Terminal, so plot the postcode – SO14 3QN – into your satellite navigation device.
Explore the options for cruising from Southampton now!