MSC Bellissima's Maiden Voyage: What You Need To Know Before She Sails

These days, everything has to be bigger and better than what came before it. New mobile phones have to be slicker and more advanced than the previous device. Hollywood movies are expected to be more bombastic and jaw-dropping than last year’s major blockbusters. And come New Year’s Eve, many people are determined to make the forthcoming 365 days “their year”. This need to go one step further than before is carried over into the world of cruise ships and that’s what MSC Cruises is doing with its next vessel: MSC Bellissima. In the modern era, we’ve become accustomed to being peppered with overblown hype that can’t be verified, but not so with MSC Bellissima. Set to hit the seas in 2019, here’s everything you need to know about its all-important maiden voyage.

It’ll Be The Biggest Ship To Be Christened In The UK

MSC Bellissima won’t be the first MSC Cruises ship to be christened in the UK - that honour fell to MSC Poesia back in 2008 - but it will be the largest ship ever to be christened in British waters. Because the new cruise ship is still being constructed, we can’t be pinpoint accurate on her measurements. However, she is expected to measure 315.8 metres long by 43 metres wide, which will provide enough space to comfortably serve more than 5,700 guests, surpassing MSC Meraviglia - the previous flagship - by 1,200. The christening ceremony will take place in Southampton on March 2nd 2019 in front of an invited audience of more than 2,000 guests. After the ceremony, MSC Bellissima will remain in the city’s port to welcome an additional 3,000 UK and Irish travel partners and guests.

Bellissima Small


Where Will MSC Bellissima Sail After Her Maiden Voyage?

Once MSC Bellissima finally leaves Southampton’s docks on March 4th, she will embark on a seven-day cruise, calling in at La Coruna and Valencia, with an overnight stay in Lisbon and three sea days before finishing up in Barcelona on March 12th. Following MSC Bellissima’s maiden voyage, she will adopt an itinerary from March 24th that takes in Genoa, Marseille and Barcelona, as well as other highly desirable Mediterranean destinations such as Naples, Messina in Sicily and Valletta in Malta. Peering even further into the future, MSC Bellissima is set to head to Asia from spring 2020.

Barcelona stop after maiden voyage


Two New Shows From Cirque Du Soleil At Sea

Just like MSC Meraviglia, MSC Bellissima will hit the waves boasting two exclusive productions specially produced by Cirque du Soleil at Sea. This will make it just one of four cruise ships to stage Cirque du Soleil at Sea shows, all of which belong to MSC Cruises. Performances will be hosted in the uniquely complex, custom-built Carousel Lounge and if the shows are as amazing as Sonor and Viaggio on MSC Meraviglia, then they’ll be unmissable.

Cirque du Soleil on MSC Bellissima


It’ll Be The First Cruise Ship With Voice Control

MSC Cruises is leading the way for cruise ships of the future, incorporating more advanced technology than ever before. And that is best demonstrated by the fact that MSC Bellissima will be the first ship in the world to feature a virtual personal assistant for guests.This conversational, voice-enabled AI innovation provides quick and easy answers to guests’ questions from the comfort of their own cabin. Because people from all over the world holiday with MSC Cruises, the feature will work in seven languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Mandarin. Fantastico!

What Is MSC For Me?

Now would be the ideal point to highlight another way that technology is used to enhance the MSC Cruises experience. MSC For Me is a free unique smartphone app that lets guests do all manner of things, like check-in online, navigate the ship, make bookings and organise their activities. Any guests on MSC Bellissima’s maiden voyage are sure to appreciate this novel feature.

MSC for me available on the maiden voyage

Eat, Drink, See, Do Anything! MSC Bellissima Has It All

As with other ships in the MSC Cruises fleet, MSC Bellissima will be able to cater to all tastes, with 20 different bars, as well as ten restaurants offering fresh authentic food and more choice than ever before. On board will also be a raft of new family-focused features, such as a Grand Canyon-themed Aquapark and the Polar Aquapark - one of the most intricate and exciting water parks at sea. Kids are sure to love the new magic-inspired entertainment too, as well as Lego and Chicco facilities, the Doremi Studio Lounge - a vibrant space for family activities - and the Doremi Tech Lab, which will be a must-visit spot for kids who love tech.

Wide Range Of Shore Activities

The fun continues on land too, thanks to an eclectic schedule of shore activities and excursions, carefully designed to help guests discover each destination and its unique culture to the fullest. 
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