Why Families Should Head On Excursions With The MSC Family Explorer Club

With most family cruise providers, excursions tend to be geared towards grown-ups, with little on offer to excite children. That’s not the case with MSC Cruises though, because the recent launch of the MSC Family Explorer Club means children and their parents can now explore and discover new destinations and cultures as a family. Many of the tours and attractions included in the club can be visited as part of a conventional excursion, but with the MSC Family Explorer Club, they have been specially tailored to maximise family fun and accommodate younger cruise guests.

Timing Is Key For Family Cruises

Excursions with the MSC Family Explorer Club typically start later in the morning to let kids burn off a bit of energy in the pool or play areas. Because patience and attention span can be in short supply in youngsters, tours tend to be shorter in duration, lasting no longer than three to four hours. They also incorporate expert storytellers and an interactive element to keep kids engaged.

Family Together on a cruise


It’s Not Just For Kids, It’s For Adults Too

Each experience is developed to keep children entertained while providing an enriching and educational experience for adults too. These kid-friendly alternatives are not merely simplified or dumbed-down versions of existing excursions either, but an entirely new way to discovering destinations together! Children take on the role of detectives and explorers, accomplishing a unique mission on each tour that has been inspired by a destination’s history and featuring an iconic historical character, symbolic of the city or location. Meanwhile, parents play their part by reading instructions, overseeing interactive explorer maps and dishing out stickers for every task the kids accomplish with a completed sticker book serving as a great post-trip souvenir. Both children and parents alike can unleash their imaginations and enjoy solving games and riddles together, while trained guides will be there to lead the tour and offer a helping hand if things get a bit tricky.

Adults having dinner on a cruise

Kids Go Half-Price On Family Cruises

MSC Cruises has been mindful of strained family budgets when developing these packages. As such, every child booking onto the explorer’s club tour gets 50% off the excursion price.

Children on excursion

Peace Of Mind

Setting foot off the ship may raise certain concerns, but MSC Cruises has ensured that all tours are operated by carefully selected partners who can easily make contact with your ship throughout the day. MSC Family Explorer Club tours are available on ships sailing in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe now. Book your family cruise here.