Let Us Entertain You: A Look at MSC Cruises’ Onboard Entertainment

According to 19th-century philosopher and all-round clever clogs Arthur Schopenhauer, one of the enemies of human happiness is boredom. With MSC Cruises, there’s little chance you’ll ever be bored, thanks to a vast and varied schedule of entertainment packed on to each ship.

Live Music

Everyone has their idea of ‘good music’ - it’s so divisive and subjective. Fortunately, you’ll find music for every mood scattered across any MSC Cruises ship, from dance orchestras playing ballroom and 70s disco to bands playing swing, jazz, country and western, folk and even German Schlager music. There are also solo pianists, guitarists and singers performing modern pop favourites and evergreen classics.

4D cinema

Part-cinema, part-rollercoaster, MSC’s 4D cinema combines moving seats, 3D graphics and artificial weather effects for a novel pulse-racing experience. With themes covering a haunted mine, intergalactic robots and a race in space, among others, our 4D Cinema has more than enough to keep you coming back time and time again.

Multi-storey water park

Away from the 4D cinema, water parks offer a more traditional and direct way to get wet and wild. For example, on MSC Bellissima, there’s the Polar Aquapark. With three twisting slides, a ‘Himalayan Bridge’ and a range of pools, features and activities for all ages, it is one of the most intricate and exciting water parks at sea and is suitable for big kids as much as the young’uns.

Cirque du Soleil

Glitzy, big-budget productions are no longer restricted to West End-style theatres. These days, you can enjoy spectacular shows on a similar level to that of Broadway out on the open seas, thanks to a unique partnership between Cirque du Soleil and MSC Cruises. Since mid-2017, guests on board the magnificent MSC Meraviglia have had the opportunity to enjoy two original shows - ‘Viaggio’ and ‘Sonor’ - created exclusively for MSC Cruises under the Cirque du Soleil at Sea banner. Viaggio recounts the tale of a passionate and eccentric artist, beckoned by a mysterious and seductive Faceless Muse into his own vivid unbridled imagination to complete his masterpiece. Electrifying colours and majestic acts illuminate the stage as the artist’s masterpiece comes to life and the theatre becomes a living canvas. Meanwhile, Sonor transports the audience to a world of astonishing sounds, bold music, unique sensations and immersive projections with dancers, acrobats and characters, climaxing with a blistering and goosepimple-triggering grand finale. Each show is performed twice a night for six nights in the 413-seat Carousel Lounge high-tech theatre, which was built at a cost of €20 million specifically to stage the unique productions. Aside from a spectacular show, the price of your ticket also entitles you to a cocktail and dinner experience, which starts an hour prior to the performance with a surprise animation from performers, live music, stylish table settings and a table d'hôte three-course menu of eclectic creative dishes.

Keep active

What could be more entertaining than some heated competition between family and friends? Each ship in the MSC Cruises fleet is equipped with games facilities for various sports such as basketball, football, squash, tennis and volleyball. There’s even a jogging track and multiple swimming pools if you fancy a race.

Full-sized bowling alley

If you weren’t already wowed by the vast range of stuff to do on an MSC Cruises ship then our full-sized bowling alley most certainly will, ahem, bowl you over. For the first time at sea, you can fight it out with your friends and family and finally decide who is the real kingpin of the group. Even if you aren’t the victor, everyone is sure to have a ball. 
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