Port guide to Dubrovnik

Preparing for your time in port is just as important as thinking about the activities you will enjoy on board ship. If you are heading off on a Mediterranean cruise, then one of your stops may well be Dubrovnik. This fascinating walled city with views out across the Adriatic is one of Croatia’s gems and bound to enchant you. Read on to find out more about what you can discover in Dubrovnik.
Port location: Dubrovnik can be found right at the southern tip of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea.
Best excursion: Fans of the Game of Thrones television series will not want to miss out on an opportunity to see the settings for some of the fictional world’s most important places. Much of the action was filmed in Dubrovnik and you can discover Westeros for yourself. You’ll get inside information from an expert guide, be able to visit Fort Lovrijenac, where the Battle of Blackwater was shot and even sit in a replica of the Iron Throne.
Must-see site: The Old Pharmacy, which continues to dispense medications 700 years after opening its doors is an incredible place to experience. It is complete with stunning cloisters and an inner garden courtyard studded with orange trees. The pharmacy can be found between the Franciscan Monastery and the Church of Our Saviour and there is also a museum to shed more light on its history.
Best selfie spot: Getting a bit of height often provides a great foundation for a good selfie and Srd Mountain will do just that. At 412 metres tall, you will be provided with a great panorama behind you – the whole of the Old Town – and your selfies will be great. If you don't fancy the hike to the top, there is a cable car.
Kick back: Café Buza is a unique place to sit and watch the sunset while in Dubrovnik, as it occupies a position just outside the city walls. Find the small door through the walls and see the various tables spread out across the rocks. Order a drink and relax in this wonderful setting.
Local dish: To really understand the culture of a place, you have to taste its local dishes and one of the best in Dubrovnik is black risotto. This unusually-hued dish is made with rice, cuttlefish and squid, with the squid’s ink providing the distinctive black colour and rich flavour.
Best place for lunch: For a wide selection of traditional Croatian dishes and delicious Dalmatian wines to accompany them, head to Kopun. This lovely little restaurant is located in a small square in front of the Church of St Ignatius. Do your taste buds a favour and order the pasta with shrimps in a truffle cream sauce.
Quintessential experience: If there is one thing you should do before leaving Dubrovnik it is walk the 1,940 metres of walls that protectively stretch around the Old Town. They were built between the 12th and 14th centuries as defences and now offer the perfect trail for tourists to get an overview of the city. Look inwards for a sea of terracotta roofs and winding lanes and outwards across the glittering expanse of water.
Ultimate souvenir: The licitar heart is the symbol of Croatia and was originally made out of gingerbread before being decorated. Now, you can get them made out of more long-lasting materials that are just as pretty. Framed with white piping and sometimes with a message in the centre, licitar hearts are the perfect keepsake of your Mediterranean cruise.
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