Reasons You Should Cruise On MSC Grandiosa In 2020

When it comes to ship names, they don’t much grander than MSC Grandiosa. 

The name was chosen to signify magnificence and grandeur, but you don’t need to know a single word of Italian to get the gist that its literal translation is ‘great’ - further evidence of the Italian language’s perpetual romance. 

Before we get carried away, it’s worth noting that the actual ship is still in the works, being constructed at a humongous engineering facility in France. As such, she won’t embark on her inaugural cruise until late 2019.
However, when MSC Grandiosa does finally hit the open waters in November 2019, she will be the fifth ship to join the MSC Cruises fleet in two and half years, as we surge towards our ambition of increasing our fleet by 11 between 2017 and 2026.
Sailing on such a young ship is an appealing novelty in itself, but why else should you cruise on MSC Grandiosa in 2020?

Two new Cirque du Soleil at Sea shows
MSC Meraviglia became the first cruise ship to stage exclusive shows from Cirque du Soleil at Sea in May 2017 and MSC Grandiosa will reprise this unique proposition with the world-famous aerial performance company by premiering an additional two new shows.
As a result, this will make it the third of only four cruise ships to exclusively feature Cirque du Soleil at Sea shows, all of which belong to MSC Cruises. Performances will be hosted in the uniquely complex, custom-built Carousel Lounge.
Details of the shows haven’t been revealed as yet but if they’re anything as spectacular as Sonor and Viaggio on MSC Meraviglia, then they’re sure to be unmissable. 

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It is the first Meraviglia-Plus ship
MSC Meraviglia raised the bar by becoming the largest and most luxurious ship built for MSC Cruises when it blessed the oceans in 2017.
However, MSC Grandiosa will seek to build on MSC Meraviglia’s successes and go one step further with the Meraviglia-Plus class.
One way it will do this is by boosting how many guests it can serve. While MSC Meraviglia can cater for 5,714 guests, MSC Grandiosa will have a maximum capacity of 6,334.

Even more public space
With 15 decks made available to guests, MSC Grandiosa will boast more public space than her sister ships with at least ten square metres per guest.
One key feature of the ship will be an even larger Mediterranean-style promenade, boasting a groundbreaking Galleria - you may have experienced something similar already on the MSC Meraviglia, MSC Divina and MSC Seaside.
These Gallerias act as the ship’s social hub, containing a wealth of shops and speciality restaurants, as well as a new bar and lounge - L’Atelier Bistrot - offering lounge seating with a stage and dance floor.
In the day, the Galleria is a chic yet tranquil spot for relaxing or shopping, but come the evening, it is transformed with music, parties and entertainment. 

Whatever time it is, you’ll likely find surprise performances, flash mobs and themed parties on this award-winning promenade, while the jaw-dropping 98.5-metre LED ‘sky screen’ above displays awe-inspiring projections.
For her inaugural season, MSC Grandiosa will set sail in the Western Mediterranean, embarking from Genoa for an eight-day/seven-night voyage and you can be one of the first to experience it.
Those are just some of the reasons you’ll love the forthcoming addition to the MSC fleet - book your next cruise on MSC Grandiosa and find out even more first-hand!