Revealed: What Kids Really Think About Cruises

Are Cruises for Children Too?

A child’s imagination is a consistently remarkable, if an unpredictable, thing.

It has the ability to surprise and disarm, entertain and charm, providing unique insights you’d never have thought about. Because MSC Cruises is such a family-focused company, we regularly witness the inventive and amazing things kids come out with, so we sat down with some youngsters and asked them what they thought about holidays and cruises.

Here are some of the things they told us…



A break away doesn’t come for free but as most kids haven’t really had the chance to earn money and properly appreciate its value, the concept of cost - specifically how much money is involved in going on holiday - was a topic we wanted to explore. As expected, answers varied wildly.

One of our interviewees adopted an intriguing approach: a flat rate of £100 per head. “We’re a family of five so £500 probably,” says eight-year-old Darcey. Meanwhile, seven-year-old Zoe had no hesitation in landing on the very precise “two-hundred and seventy three bucks”; that’s for her whole family by the way.

In contrast though, 11-year-old Noah came to a whopping £12,000 “at least”.



Not everyone is as sweet and well-behaved as our interviewees so we wondered whether there were any naughty people who shouldn’t be allowed to go on holiday. “My baby brother,” answered big-sister-to-be Zoe, “because he’s been hurting mommy a little bit. He’s still in my mom’s belly, he’s a cheeky little cheeky boy.” For just ten years-old, Senay delivered a very merciful and tolerant response: “Everyone should be allowed to go on holiday because what would you do if you’re not on holiday? Sit there, watch TV, play on the Xbox - that’s kinda boring everyday.” 

Family on deck of a cruise ship




But who deserves a holiday the most?

“I think it’s my parents,” says 11-year-old Stanley. “They have to work everywhere and then they get tired and they don’t get enough time with us, so I think a holiday could just bring us together.”

“Out of everyone in the world, I think it’s teachers,” said Senay. “They deserve a break from children who don’t want to learn.”

“I’m not saying that’s me though,” he hastily added. 

Mother and kid


Precious Time Together


Holidays are pretty much the only time of year when families can come together to completely relax and shut off from the rest of the world in a fun and unique setting. This is something many of our children appreciated. “The thing I like most about going on holiday is you spend time with your family away,” says Darcey. Zoe recognised a different sort of benefit to heading off on holiday, answering “the best part is when you can skip off school”. “They’re relaxing,” added Senay, “and you get the opportunity to see new things that you wouldn’t in boring London.”

Other answers we heard were “going on the big waterslides”, “going to the beach”, “diving in the swimming pool” and “eating burgers and fish and chips and ice cream” - and the common trait linking all of the things is that they are all possible on a voyage with MSC Cruises

Family Together on a cruise holiday


Rising Trends in Cruising

Cruises have become more and more popular every year recently, with cruise passenger numbers rising for the ninth year running in 2017 to 25.8 million, according to the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), which predicts an even stronger uplift of 5.42 per cent for 2018 to 27.2 million passengers. This is partly down to more ships offering greater capacity (2017 saw 449 new cruise ships join the seas), but cruise packages have also become increasingly affordable and appealing, laying on advanced facilities and irresistable features, effectively making cruise ships function as self-contained, floating holiday resorts.  

Many more people are likely to take up cruising for their next holiday, because demand has increased by 20.5 per cent in the past five years, with the UK being the fourth largest market for cruises behind the US, China and Germany. Another predicted trend is that the coming years will see skip-gen cruising become more common - i.e. grandparents heading on cruises with their grandchildren but not their children.

This rise in popularity of kid friendly cruises aren't a coincidence; there's never been a better time to go on a cruise with your children!

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