Why A Cruise Is Better Than A Package Holiday For Families

Cruises for Kids are More Popular Than Ever


Tea vs coffee. Coronation Street vs EastEnders. Certain arguments will probably last forever, and another you could add to that list is ‘cruise holiday vs package holiday’. However, at MSC Cruises, we’re firm believers that choosing cruises for kids are far superior to a stuffy boring package resort break, and we reckon this article will convince you and your family to agree with us. 

You Can Visit Several Countries On One Holiday

Traditionally, the idea of ‘going on holiday’ involves jetting to a balmy resort and melting in the sun in a relatively compact area until it’s time to come home again. It’s fairly standard that most package holidayers rarely leave their resort, squandering and neglecting the wealth of local culture on offer.

However, on family cruises, you can visit a different destination or country every day. One afternoon could be spent taking in the weird and wonderful Las Ramblas in Barcelona, or tasting some of the best pizza on the planet in Naples. Similarly, there’s the prospect of lazing away an entire day on one of Nassau’s many gorgeous beaches, followed by swimming with dolphins just days later. Now, not everyone who heads on holiday is fuelled by wanderlust or desperate to expand their horizons. 

Some just want to sun it up, and that’s fine, but with a cruise holiday, at least you have the option of mixing it up - and for families, that can be a huge benefit. Most days can be spent chilling by the pool or on a beach. However, should curiosity take hold, there’s the option of venturing out and investigating the local area - which, in this case, will be different every time.

Caribbean beach and palm tree


There’s So Much Variety

That brings us on to our next point nicely - MSC Cruises’ ships are jam-packed with variety. For anyone who has never laid eyes on a cruise ship before, be assured that they’re absolutely massive. If you stood up the MSC Bellissima vertically, it’d reach higher than the tallest building in Britain (currently The Shard in London), with an overall length of 315 metres - that’s three times longer than the football pitch at Wembley Stadium. With this much available space, MSC’s cruise ships can fit in an awful lot of features and facilities whilst remaining spacious and well laid-out.

On each ship in the MSC fleet, there will be several restaurants serving all kinds of cuisine, from Asian and Italian to steakhouse and all-encompassing buffets. It’s the same with drinks, with bars ranging from traditional pubs to snazzy cocktail bars and casual coffee shops. MSC Cruises strikes a balance of variety that few resorts can compete with and for families with kids who can be painfully fussy or wildly impulsive in their tastes, that’s a major plus. 

There’s So Much To Do

Boredom is essentially extinct onboard family cruises because there’s always so much to do, for parents and kids alike, alone or as a group.
For the children, there’s an incredible range of leisure facilities, from water parks and swimming pools to games consoles and a 4D cinema.
New parents can enjoy some downtime by dropping off their little ones with the qualified and dedicated staff at MSC BabyCare - suitable for those aged one to three years. There are also a number of age-appropriate clubs kids can get involved in too. 

You’d struggle to find any on-land resort that can offer so many different fun and accessible things. Meanwhile, mum and dad can busy themselves in the aforementioned bars, restaurants, pools or the super-relaxing MSC Aurea Spa, where they can choose from around 20 different massages, 19 body treatments, 19 facials and aromatherapy treatments. The MSC Aurea Spa also includes a manicure and pedicure spa, a sauna and a Turkish bath. A wide range of sports facilities means parents can get a sweat on whilst getting their heart rate up too. 

Bike excursion in mountains

Venture Out With MSC Family Explorer Club

Of course, parents and children don’t want to be doing their own thing all the time and families often want to bond during their cruise - that’s why we offer the MSC Family Explorer Club. Excursions with the MSC Family Explorer Club start later in the morning, giving kids the chance to blast through that initial burst of energy in the pool or play areas. Each excursion isn’t simply a dumbed-down version of an existing package, but an entirely new experience developed to entertain children whilst providing a rich experience for adults at the same time. Oh, and there are great rates for children. We were recently named one of the best cruise lines for kids by CruiseCritic.co.uk; proof if ever you need it that you don’t need to look any further than MSC for finding cruises for kids. 

MSC Explorer's club and children playing onboard

The Level Of Luxury Is Incredible

A five-star level of luxury isn’t reserved exclusively for on-land hotels; MSC Cruises ship boast a similarly high standard of opulence. Several of our ships feature elegant Swarovski crystal staircases and breathtaking infinity pools, Vegas-style casinos and theatre productions that could rival anything on Broadway. You can add an extra layer of luxury and glamour by stepping into the MSC Yacht Club, which balances the exclusive privacy of a yacht onboard without sacrificing the advantages of having access to a full-scale ship. Here, guests have 24-hour butler service, a private concierge, luxurious suites and all the benefits of an all-inclusive cruise with unlimited food and beverages. 

After hearing so many great reasons, we know that you're now interested in finding cruises for kids:

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