Discover key west, our new destination in the caribbean

We’re delighted to announce we will are visiting a new destination in the Caribbean Key West, known for its stunning coral reefs. Key West is located in the sunshine state of Florida and is the southern point in the United States, located only 150 kilometres from Cuba. Our Caribbean & Antilles Cruises not only provide the opportunity to visit the pastel painted city of Key West but also offer trips to Barbados, Jamaica, Bahamas and Mexico, as well as our exclusive private island Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve. MSC Armonia is due to travel to Key West this summer through to the winter season both this year and next week.

A floating paradise

MSC Armonia will take you right up to the city that appears to float on a bed of water and sky when viewed from afar, an urban paradise that boasts a rich history and culture. Pastel-coloured houses, differing in shade and tone, contribute to the beauty of this city. To witness a sunset or sunrise in Mallory Square would certainly take your breath away, or perhaps you may choose to lose yourself down Duval Street, one of the city’s liveliest streets which owes its energy to the wide variety of shops, clubs and restaurants available. It is no coincidence that writers Tennessee Williams and Ernest Hemingway chose to reside here.

Explore beautiful coral reefs

A wide range of excursions are made available by MSC Cruises, including the opportunity to visit Nobel Prize Winner Ernest Hemingway’s villa, now a museum, and understand more about the writer’s life and time spent in the city. Or why not snorkel your way into one of Key West’s most popular attraction – its reef and beautiful crystal blue waters that help make it the secluded paradise city it is. For nearly three decades locals and visitors alike have used the popular catamaran boat to take them out and around the reefs, giving you the perfect start for your time snorkelling and discovering the best depths have to offer. If the catamaran is not for you, then why not opt for a calmer kayaking afternoon where you are able to tour the waters at your own leisurely pace. Our destination is a lovely island called Archer Key, where you can explore the shallow, clear waters that are home to a variety of marine life, plants and birds. This area is a true marine sanctuary, both above and below the waterline.

Don’t miss out!

Be sure to book yourself a cabin on MSC Armonia, where our ship will provide opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean, not solely exclusive to Key West but also to all our other destinations including Jamaica, Mexico, Bahamas and many more.