Relaxation, Wellness and Beauty: Meet Ms Glyza Lanugan Palaganas, Spa Therapist onboard MSC Seashore

May 2022


Let’s step into the relaxing world of the onboard Spa and get to know one of the talented spa therapists who work there. Tell us a bit about your origin, your professional training, your carrier and your current position in MSC Cruises.

“My name is Glyza Lanugan Palaganas and I’m from the Philippines. My Career in the Spa industry started as a Spa Receptionist and then following training to become a certified Massage Therapist, I am now work for MSC Cruises as a Massage Therapist.”


Would you give us an overview of the services currently available for our guests? What are the most popular treatments among our Guests?

“In the MSC Aurea Spa we offer a variety of treatments including: massage, facial and body treatments, Medi-Spa services and Hair, Barber and Nail services. Our Spas also boast relaxing Thermal Area facilities. The most popular treatment is definitely massage: this is the best way to promote relaxation and achieve the time-out needed from their busy lives. The setting of our treatment rooms ensures the ultimate relaxation experience for our guests.”


Taking a cruise is a great occasion for our Guests to dedicate some time to wellness, relaxation and beauty treatments. How do you manage to customize services and treatments to the specific need of each Guest?

“As therapists, we ask each guest what they would like to achieve from their massage and if there is any specific area they want to focus on during their treatment. We then adjust the treatment to the needs of the guest to ensure they get the most out of their experience.”


Health and safety are a priority for us. How do you ensure the maximum safety for our guests and for yourself during the treatments?

“We always make sure that all Health and safety protocols are in place, sanitation procedures are always conducted before and after each guest.”


Relaxation is one of the main reasons to choose a cruise holiday. Which massage would you suggest to those who want to release the stress accumulated in their daily activities?

“For people who want to release their stress, I would recommend Swedish or Balinese Massage because they both promote excellent relaxation benefits. Swedish massage is a traditional full body massage that promotes relaxation and well being, easing tired and aching muscles. Balinese massage rooted in the healing traditions of Bali, Indonesia, balances the body and restores vitality by releasing muscle tension and stress and improving the flow of circulation around the body.”


For those who want to get back home looking some years younger, is there any specific anti-age treatment that can be performed on board?

“We offer facial rejuvenation treatments with our Medi-Spa Doctors as well as advanced results driven facial treatments for those guests who looking for anti-aging solutions.”


What would you suggest to spa-lovers who are already familiar with the most common treatments? Is there any special massage our guests can get onboard our ships?

“I would suggest “THE TRADITIONAL SASAK MASSAGE”. It’s a massage that combines traditional techniques before introducing heated herbal compresses over the body designed to leave you feeling energized and balanced.”