Port Guide to Bridgetown: your gateway to Barbados on a Caribbean cruise

Everyone likes to make the most of their time in port and if you are lucky to be heading off on a Caribbean cruise in the near future, then Bridgetown may well be one of your destinations.

Everyone likes to make the most of their time in port and if you are lucky to be heading off on a Caribbean cruise in the near future, then Bridgetown may well be one of your destinations. As the capital of Barbados, it is a fascinating place to explore, complete with colonial architecture, historic sites and that wonderful Caribbean spirit. Read on to find out what there is to know about Bridgetown. 
Port location: Bridgetown port is located in Carlisle Bay on the southwestern coast of Barbados. 
Must-see site: Nature’s beauty can be seen all over Barbados, but one of the places where it is at its most spectacular is Harrison’s Cave. This incredible cavern is filled with limestone stalactites and stalagmites that have created the feeling of a somewhat alien world. Historical documents dating back to 1795 make mention of the cave, but it became forgotten for nearly 200 years, until it was rediscovered in the 1970s and opened to the public in 1981. 
Best selfie spot: It’s great to capture that perfect selfie while you are on holiday and where could be better than in front of Bridgetown’s brightly coloured houses? The residents have painted their homes in a style that seems to reflect their happy-go-lucky attitudes and it’s easy to get a sense of the fun in your photos. 
Kick back: It wouldn’t be the Caribbean without a paradise beach and you don’t have to venture far from Bridgetown to find one. Accra Beach is less than 15 minutes’ drive from Bridgetown and has the perfect combination of white sand, crystal clear water and palm trees to help you relax. 
Local dish: For a real taste of Barbados, try cou-cou and flying fish. The cou-cou element can be traced back to the early colonial days and consists of cornmeal and okra, which is stirred with a special cricket bat-shaped stick as it is cooked up to a firm texture in the pot. Steamed or fired flying fish is the usual accompaniment, although you could opt for stew instead. 
Best place for lunch: Make your way to Bay Street to find the Brown Sugar restaurant, which is the perfect place to indulge in the best of Barbados. For a start, you’ll be able to enjoy your lunch while sat on a patio adorned with native flowers as you take in your surroundings. From pepperpot stew to bread pudding, the all-you-can eat buffet represents a great opportunity to try local specialities without breaking the bank. 
Quintessential experience: Sugar is an important part of the economic and social history of Barbados, so visiting a sugar mill provides a wonderful insight into the industry. The Morgan Lewis Windmill is the only one on the island to remain intact and has been restored to create an interesting visitors’ centre, where you can see sugar cane being ground. 
Best excursion: Take the opportunity to swim with sea turtles while you are cruising the Caribbean. This excursion will enable you to travel by motor boat to an area where these majestic creatures are found and with snorkel equipment, swim alongside them. Afterwards, you can reflect on the whole experience while enjoying a glass of rum punch. 
Ultimate souvenir: Apart from a suntan, the best souvenir to bring back from Barbados is a bottle of rum. The spirit has been produced on the island for more than 350 years and its reputation as being among the best in the world has spread far and wide. Mount Gay is the most famous brand, but there are plenty to choose from.