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The Perfect Cruise | MSC Cruises
What's it like to cruise with MSC?
The Perfect Cruise for UK Guests

Discover summer and winter cruises sailing from Southampton

Brochure MSC Euribia | MSC Cruises
MSC Euribia
Cruising the blue in a green way

MSC Euribia: art meets innovation. Cruising the blue has never been greener.

Brochure MSC World Europa | MSC Cruises
MSC World Europa
Welcome to the Future of Cruising

MSC World Europa was designed to elevate the delight of a traditional cruise ship to entirely new levels.

Winter 2023 - 2024 | MSC Cruises
Winter 2023 - 2024
Discover the itineraries and the ships available for Winter 2023 - 2024

Where will the sea take you this winter?

Online Brochure Summer 2024 | MSC Cruises
Summer 2024
Where will the sea take you in Summer?

A new experience awaits you. Choose your destination!

World Cruise 20224 | MSC Cruises
MSC World Cruise 2024
The greatest voyage of discovery for 2024

52 world treasures in 121 days. Take the world home with you with MSC Cruises.

World Cruise 2025 | MSC Cruises
MSC World Cruise 2025
A journey into the wonder

Visit up to 50 spectacular destinations in 21 countries. MSC Magnifica will journey to hidden gems and iconic sights of 5 continents.