With a little bit of planning it?s perfectly possible to enjoy a cruise with very young children. However, do bear in mind that most cruise companies will not accept bookings for children below the age of 6 months and, in some cases, especially on longer cruises, the age restriction is one year.
But, leaving such hard and fast rules aside, the decision as to whether you can cruise successfully with young children is often a purely personal one. The cruise lines themselves are generally well equipped and, indeed, well used to dealing with very small children ? the only obvious exception being certain adult-only ships. 

How Are Cruise Ships Equipped To Take Infants?
By and large cruise ships will have all the necessary facilities to make cruising with infants comfortable and enjoyable for all concerned. Most will have dedicated, safe, play areas for babies, with the under twos generally occupying the first tier on a string of different cruise club levels. Each level will have their own dedicated staff and a programme of activities designed to keep the kids entertained.
Another piece of good news is that, with MSC Cruises, the under twos cruise for free. Additionally, you?ll find that our partnerships with Chicco and LEGO means that the very best educational toys are available to get their young minds working. We also offer Family Cabins and a host of baby and toddler services, from a baby care service to a special laundry facility ? and you don?t have to have been a parent for very long before you realise how important this is!

Are There Cots Available?
Any cruise company worth its salt should be able to provide you with a cot. In some cases you might need to book this promptly and, of course, do have an appreciation as to how big your cabin is.

How About Family Dining?
MSC Cruises definitely do not believe that children should be ?seen and not heard?. As a modern, family company we?re fond of kids being kids and we?re more than happy for them to dine with their parents or, if they wish, with their new-found friends.

Is It Safe To Take An Infant On A Cruise?
Cruising has an enviable safety record and this is generally just as true for the youngest as it is for the oldest passengers. However, we do ask that parents are vigilant when it comes to supervising infants, especially when they?re not under the supervision of our dedicated staff.
Your cruise ship is a safe environment but infants and small children do need that extra attention to ensure that they remain out of harm?s way. It?s reassuring to know that cruise ships have impressive medical facilities on board and you can be sure that you or your child will be well cared for if you fall ill or have an accident.

Can I Take Young Children On Excursions?
You can indeed, although you?ll need to read the details to ensure all the excursions you like the look of are suitable. MSC can save you some time here with their Family Explorer Club, where all the excursions are suitable for the whole family.

Do I Need To Book Early If I?m Travelling With Infants?
It usually makes sense to book early when you?re travelling with youngsters, simply because there is such demand. With infants as opposed to school age children this, arguably, matters rather less, but do bear in mind that if you want something like a Family Cabin then other families will be thinking much the same thing!
With a little planning you can indeed be confident about cruising with infants. As we?ve seen the facilities are there, there are dedicated staff and a number of family-friendly options on offer. If you?d like to introduce your youngsters to the sea at its most playful then we?d be delighted to welcome you aboard.