Mini Cruises ? What Are The Upsides To Downsizing Your Cruise?

Mini cruises have, in a relatively short space of time, become increasingly popular. There are numerous reasons for this, not least because they tick a lot of boxes for the ever increasing number of UK cruisers.

So, just what kind of advantages do mini cruises offer? Well, for starters, they address the squeeze that modern life places on our increasingly precious time. Busy schedules, flexible hours and varied work patterns often rule out traditional two or three week holidays, making mini cruises a distinctly viable option.

Also, for those lucky enough to be maximising multiple holiday experiences, a mini cruise can help squeeze that cheeky mini break between longer holidays – and after all, we all deserve an extra break!

Searching For The Perfect, Romantic Mini Break?
What is it about a cruise that lifts it above other more mundane forms of travel? It’s hard to pin down, but there’s no denying there’s something distinctly romantic about a cruise and, let’s be clear, mini cruises are no exception. You may be travelling on an ultra-modern cruise ship but the spectacular public rooms, easy-going luxury and slick service seem to evoke a bygone, rather glamorous era.

And, yes, you may have booked the briefest of mini cruises, but you’ll dine in spectacular style, enjoy top flight entertainment and, should the mood demand it, you’ll soon find yourself in a favourite bar or strolling the deck under the stars. As romantic breaks go, mini cruises are hard to beat.

Will A Mini Cruise Help Me Decide Whether I Enjoy Cruising? 

Yes, indeed! If, like many, you’ve become ‘cruise curious’ then a mini cruise is the perfect ‘taster’ experience. You can immerse yourself completely in the cruise lifestyle both aboard and ashore and you’ll quickly get an idea as to whether mini cruises are your gateway to a longer cruise holiday.

Will I Really Save Money With Mini Cruise Deals?

Mini cruises are also a great way to budget, shorter cruises mean both lower fares after all and, provided you don’t decide to really push the boat out, a lower on board spend too. You might also be curious as to whether the most luxurious cabins are really worth the extra money, so why not make mini cruises a test case by booking that Yacht Club Suite for a few days of the ultimate pampering?


What About Mini Cruises From The UK?

Mini cruises from the UK offer the ultimate in hassle-free short breaks. No airport, no flight delay, just an anticipation-filled journey to meet your ship and begin your voyage. As with all mini cruises once you’re aboard the fun begins and doesn’t let up until you disembark. Please note: mini cruises from the UK are subject to availability and depend on the cruise programme and operational considerations of the current year.


Mini Cruises - Short breaks that feel like a proper holiday
Mini cruises are everything a proper cruise should be; slightly indulgent with more than a dash of glamour and choc-full of things to do around the clock. If you’re looking for a short break that feels like a much longer holiday then contact us or go online for details of our mini cruise deals today. You’ll discover that it really is true about good things coming in small packages.