The Mediterranean has plenty going for it but, in terms of stunningly beautiful, photogenic locations, it is truly blessed. So much so that a simple seven night Mediterranean cruise will offer you dozens of opportunities to capture some wonderful shots of some of the world’s most celebrated sights. Join us for a brief spin through some of our absolute favourites as we select the best locations and photo-opportunities that the Mediterranean has to offer. Camera at the ready, smart phone charged? Here we go!

Looking For Atlantis? This View Is Almost Mythical

What can you say about the view from the top of the cliffs in Santorini’s capital, Thira? Not much that hasn’t been said before, that’s for certain; this is simply one of the most astonishing views to be found anywhere. In terms of documenting your cruise and sharing your experiences with family friends (and, of course, your social media followers) your pictures here may have the added bonus of incorporating your cruise ship nestling toy-like within the caldera (or crater) that provides the key to Santorini’s rugged beauty.
The legend of Atlantis may be just that, a legend, but this stunning location is worthy of even the most fabulous of myths.

Create Your Own Renaissance Masterpiece In Florence
Whether you choose a systematic and scholarly approach to capturing Florence’s Renaissance treasures, or you simply point and click at all you see, chances are you’ll end up with a portfolio of pictures that are incredibly evocative of the precious time you spend here.
This singular city seldom disappoints and a chance to tour what is, after all, the Renaissance world capital with a camera needs to be grasped. If you don’t mind a competitive climb, then the view from the iconic Duomo is well worth the effort. Indeed, as you look over the typical terracotta roofs, across historic buildings and churches and off into the Tuscan hills, you get the distinct feeling that time has run backwards and left you somewhere in the 15th century. At this point you need to pinch yourself and point your 21st century tech’ at the scenery and ‘ecco’ you might just have created your own masterpiece.
If scaling the Duomo seems like a Renaissance staircase too far, then head for Piazzale Michelangelo that, although of no real intrinsic interest, provides a superb vantage point for a classic overview of the city. Alternatively, find a spot on the south bank of the Arno, order a Campari or a coffee and drink in the view of the incomparable Ponte Vecchio. And, before you go, make sure you preserve that view with a picture.
If you’re lucky enough to be visiting both Florence and Pisa, perhaps on one of our excursions from Livorno, then you simply have to have a snap of Pisa’s infamous Leaning Tower. And, remember, they’re your pictures and there is absolutely no shame taking that picture of you or one of your party pretending to hold the tower up- after all, you don’t have to share it!

Be Prepared For Those Little Mediterranean Cruise Moments
With so many wonderful things to see on a 7 night Mediterranean cruise it’s sometimes easy to miss the little slices of day-to-day life that often make some of the best snaps of all. So, when you’re on your way to see the Colosseum in Rome or standing beneath the Acropolis in Athens, keep an eye out for those things that just sort of ‘happen’. It might be a dolphin frolicking in the bow wave or a wet footprint on a sun-drenched deck, or catching your partner or your kids in an unguarded and un-posed moment that make for a fantastic photograph. After all, these little ‘moments’ are just as much part of your cruise holiday as your first glimpse of the Acropolis or the approach to the awesome arches of the Colosseum.

Frame The Perfect Sunset Or Capture A New Dawn
Sometimes the Mediterranean’s extraordinary beauty isn’t confined to a specific location at all. So, whether you’re enjoying a final drink and some tapas by the marina in Majorca, or taking an early morning swim or stroll whilst on board your cruise ship, make sure you have your camera ready to capture that perfect sunset or a beautiful new dawn.

See Naples And…Click!
The Bay of Naples is one of those gorgeous Mediterranean ‘must sees’ that are so worthy of your camera’s attention – but then, so too is Naples itself. Take a stroll through the old town and you’ll be rewarded with the most photogenic slice of Italian life that you’ll find anywhere along the length and breadth of the country. The old town is both beautiful and beautifully unspoilt.
Aside from the wide-angle, drop- dead- gorgeous shot of the city and the bay that you can create from the upper deck of your cruise ship, you might also try the view from Castel Sant Elmo where, aside from the city and the bay you can, on a clear sunny day, also catch a glimpse of Capri away in the distance.

Snapping Up The Med’ In Style
There are plenty more exceptionally beautiful Mediterranean locations that you can visit on an MSC cruise, either this year or next - and we’ll be listing more in subsequent blogs. If you’d like to share your favourite photo of the Med’ why not share it on Instagram or Twitter - using the hashtag #MSCDreams - and you might well see yourself featured here on our website. Also, bear in mind that MSC Cruises features the Mediterranean year round too, so if you’re looking for a winter cruise to the Med’ then, rest assured, those ‘must see’ sights will still be there for you!