The Best Cruise In The World? It Has To Be A Round The World Voyage

Let’s be honest, nothing fires the imagination like a world cruise. No half measures here, we’re talking about a circumnavigation of the globe designed to show a select group of lucky passengers the most spectacular places on the planet. Above all, it’s an opportunity to see the whole world in comfort and style in a way that eludes other more mundane modes of travel.

Granted, flying around the world could be accomplished in a matter of days, rather than months. But would you really see anything worthwhile? Would you meet people in quite the same way, get to know your companions and crew quite as well, or discover customs and cultures in such depth? Chances are, you wouldn’t; because a world voyage takes time. But, it’s time you’re investing, rather than wasting; it’s a rare experience to be savoured, to look back on and to relish.

But How Much Does A World Cruise Cost?

You might initially think that a world cruise is hugely expensive and way beyond your reach. But, before you dismiss it out of hand, or with a sense of trepidation you take a peek at the fares, there are a few things to think about. Firstly, the fact that this is a long voyage needs to be considered from a number of angles. On the one hand, the length of voyage will certainly have an impact on the fare you pay in terms of your room and board. But, this needs to be balanced against your cost of living back at home. You might well find that cooking, travelling, heating and lighting your home for three months goes quite some way to offsetting the cost of your world cruise – indeed, if you do the maths, you might already be contemplating a cabin upgrade!

Is A World Cruise Really Value For Money?

In case you’re having trouble accepting the ‘world cruise = value-for-money’ argument, there’s plenty more to consider. Don’t forget that all your meals - three or more months’ worth - are covered by your fare. And what meals they are! Dining on a world cruise is like eating at your favourite restaurant every night of the week. Add in the sumptuous lunches, those sea-air sharpened breakfasts and late night snacks and you’ll have to concede that you’ll be extraordinarily well fed throughout your time on board. In fact, if you were in the habit of eating out three times a day at a good restaurant ashore, you’d probably look on a world cruise as a way to put a little money aside!

Additionally, you mustn’t forget that you’ll be entertained from day 1 to day 116 and that you’ll also be seeing some of the most amazing places on Earth without having to lift a finger. Finally, if that five figure fare still seems like an awful lot, then try comparing it, mile for mile, with the cost of an average daily commute. There’s only one winner here - and it isn’t the 8:15 to Waterloo! – and, besides, when was the last time you saw the Sydney Opera House or The Golden Gate Bridge from the window of your morning train?

If we’ve got you in a world cruise mood, then MSC’s 2021 World Cruise can show you around the world in 116 leisurely days. Have a think about it. We honestly believe it’s the best cruise in the world and, when you weigh it up, we hope you’ll think that it really is money well spent.