There are many luxury cruises but, happily, only one Yacht Club: the unique ship-within-a-ship experience that is exclusive to MSC Cruises. If you’re looking for the highest standards of comfort and service, then the Yacht Club has been designed to exceed your expectations by delivering everything that you’d find on the most luxurious small-ship cruise, whilst still offering you access to the myriad facilities and entertainment opportunities that only today’s biggest and best appointed ships can deliver.

Yacht Club Accommodation – The Ultimate Suite Treat
Yacht Club suites – you really can’t call these cabins - are lavishly appointed and beautifully designed. MSC is famous for the hands- on role that the owners take in fitting out their ships - and this is nowhere more apparent than in the Yacht Club. Each suite has been designed in collaboration with renowned design house, De Jorio and each is its own luxurious masterpiece. When you’re not enjoying the Yacht Club’s private areas – or the ship’s amazing facilities – then enjoying a meal or relaxing with a film in your suite will soon help de-compress the most avid workaholic.
And, when it comes to a good night’s sleep, sheets of finest Egyptian cotton, memory foam matresses and a choice of pillows will help you drift away and re-charge your batteries, ready for another day of pure pleasure. Of course, should you need anything – day or night – your butler and the concierge are on hand 24/7.

Highly Trained Private Butlers - Plus A Dedicated Concierge Service
Apart from those wow factor moments that modern cruise ships generate with their sheer scale and amazing facilities, it’s often the smaller details that really impress. Aside from wowing you with their knowledge and unfussy service, MSC’s Yacht Club butlers specialise in the details that make all the difference. A midnight snack in your cabin? No problem. A private car to collect you in Palma? Ditto. Tickets for a concert? It’s in hand.
Between your butler and the concierge most things are possible, whether it’s more ice for the fridge, arranging a private party or creating a private excursion that’s not part of the normal programme.
Indeed, the only real problem with the Yacht Club’s private butlers is that they’re not there waiting for you when you go home!

Like The Best Private Club But With Moving Scenery!
Of course there’s more to MSC Yacht Club than superb service and the luxuriously appointed haven that is your suite. You also need to factor in the private One Pool with its whirlpools, exclusive Sundeck and bar and the elegant, Top Sail Lounge. These tranquil, artfully designed areas help lend the Yacht Club the air of the very best private clubs. The difference, of course, is that this particular club changes its exclusive address every day.

Like The Best Private Club But With A Superb Restaurant And Spa!
MSC’s Yacht Club exists purely to offer its patrons the very best things in life - and the cuisine is no exception. Guests can enjoy open sittings in a dedicated restaurant, where an expansive, à la carte menu, details a bill of fare ranging from the last word in decadence to the healthiest super foods. Naturally, buffet snacks are available throughout the day for those enjoying the pools, sundeck or Top Sail Lounge.

As a guest of MSC Yacht Club you’ll enjoy complimentary access to the Thermal Suite in the Aurea Spa where a world of wellbeing and relaxation awaits.

Where Can I Sample A Luxury Cruise With MSC Yacht Club?
Fortunately MSC Yacht Club is now available on a number of ships. You can sample the ultimate luxury cruise experience where it was first invented aboard MSC Fantasia or, indeed, on many of her sister ships including MSC Seashore’s inaugural summer season in 2021.
Regardless of the ship you choose, you can be assured of an ultra-luxury cruise experience that is, simply, unique.