Our Top 5 Holiday Destinations To Visit In 2019

If you're looking for the best places to go on holiday but, somehow, inspiration eludes you, then allow us to select a handful of superb holiday destinations for you to consider in 2019.

Best Countries To Visit For Unseasonal Sunshine?

You know how it is, every now and again the UK surprises us by summoning up the odd mini heat wave or, more likely, an occasional string of sunny days? Yet neither seem to last, and they’re hellish difficult to predict. So, what are the best places to visit for anyone chasing a reliable dose of winter sunshine?

Well, first up in this Top Five list of great holiday destinations we present Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Emirates. Why? Well, with winter temperatures consistently hovering just above 20°Cc and some of the finest resorts as well as world class retail therapy on offer, the Emirates are an easy pick for a visit in 2019.

Pushing The Boat Out? Think Caribbean.

By way of a finale, is there a better holiday destination than the Caribbean, a part of the world that seems to have been created with cruising in mind? If you’re after sunshine, relaxation and a string of perfect beaches then the Caribbean is hard to beat!

In 2019 we are proud to unveil Ocean Cay, a unique island and marine reserve dedicated to MSC’s Caribbean customers that offers a range of exclusive activities from glass-bottom boat rides to champagne cruises and a variety of water sports.

What Are The World’s Best Places To Visit By Ship?

A string of entries now, as we present some of the best countries to visit by ship: starting with, Portugal and capital city, Lisbon. Sailing up the Tagus river to Lisbon is one of cruising’s best kept secrets. You’ll pass the historic Belem Tower – be sure to come back and visit - and slip beneath the spectacular Ponte 25 de Abril Bridge before your MSC cruise ship ties up in the heart of the city. This is definitely one of Europe’s most underrated cities and we wholeheartedly commend it to your holiday destinations bucket-list for 2019.

As world class destinations go, Oslo might also be thought of as slightly leftfield and yet, as you sail slowly along the extraordinarily beautiful Olso Fjord dotted with tiny islands and lovely holiday homes, you’ll find yourself distinctly wowed before you even reach the city!

As well as our lesser-known favourites, there are some destinations that are simply amongst the best places to visit in the world, full stop. New York is certainly one such place. If you get a good bird’s eye view – try the ‘Top of the Rock’ or The Empire State - then you’ll see how New York is a city of islands with a special relationship with the sea. Steaming into the Upper Bay the Statue of Liberty greets you as she has greeted so many who passed through the doors of Ellis Islands into a new life. To complete the picture, MSC’s ‘New York By Land and Sea’ excursion provides some amazing insights into the Big Apple.

Why not let us inspire you further on an MSC Cruise to the holiday destination of your dreams?