Six Things You Need To Know About MSC Divina

There are many ships that make up the MSC Cruises fleet, but the MSC Divina is one of the most fascinating and spectacular. Here, we've picked out just six things we think you should know about this special ship.

There are many ships that make up the MSC Cruises fleet, but the MSC Divina is one of the most fascinating and spectacular. Here, we’ve picked out just six things we think you should know about this special ship. 

It was named after Sophia Loren

Divina wasn’t originally supposed to be called Divina at all. Whilst the ship was still being built between 2010 and 2012, the vessel was going to be named MSC Fantastica - not to be confused with MSC Fantasia.

However, close to construction of the ship being completed, actress and Italian icon Sophia Loren mentioned to MSC Cruises founder Gianluigi Aponte that she had dreamt of having a ship named after her. As Ms Loren was a close family friend of Mr Aponte’s, he was fond of the idea too and the decision was taken to rename the next ship heading into service in honour of Ms Loren.

According to Ms Loren, Divina was suggested in place of Fantastica because while a fantastic experience was fleeting, “a divine experience gives you memories that will last forever”.

It has since become a long-standing tradition for Ms Loren to christen any new additions to the MSC Cruises ship fleet.

Jane McDonald is a big fan

MSC Divina was the star of the show when singer and Wakefield’s sweetheart Jane McDonald featured the ship on the first ever episode of her renowned ‘Cruising With…’ Channel 5 TV show, and without even setting foot on the vessel, she was impressed.

“I’ve been cruising many times but this is the biggest thing I’ve ever seen,” the Yorkshire lass said before remarking to the cameraman, “It’s so big you cannot even get it in the shot.” 
Watch the clip by clicking here.

MSC Cruises would feature again in ‘Cruising With Jane McDonald’ when MSC Meraviglia provided the location for the third episode of series two, which aired in September 2017.

It is pretty ginormous...

Ms McDonald does have a point; if you stood up the MSC Divina vertically, it’d reach higher than the tallest building in Britain (currently The Shard in London) with an overall length of 333 metres.

Within the ship, there is enough accommodation for 4,345 guests with 1,751 staterooms spread across 14 of its 18 decks.

...and super glamorous

How could a ship named after someone as divine as Ms Sophia Loren be anything but glamorous? The level of luxury is likely to be several levels up from what you’ll have seen on any other cruise ship with a real stone piazza, elegant Swarovski crystal staircases and a breathtaking infinity pool. There’s also the Casino Veneziano and Broadway-style Pantheon Theatre.

You can crank up the luxury and glamour another notch up the MSC Yacht Club, which serves as a ship within a ship. This exclusive area provides guests with 24-hour butler service, private concierge, luxurious suites and acts as an all-inclusive cruise with unlimited food and beverages.

The idea is that guests enjoy all the benefits of a private yacht whilst being able to take advantage of a full-size cruise ship and all the excellent facilities that come with it.

You can cruise to hedonistic heaven

You’ll be able to completely unwind by taking advantage of the wellness treatments in the super-relaxing MSC Aurea Spa, choosing from 20 different massages, 19 body treatments, 19 facials, aromatherapy treatments, a manicure and pedicure spa, a sauna and a Turkish bath.

You can take a peek right now

If all this talk has spiked your curiosity, the interactive 360° virtual tour means you can have a nosey around the MSC Divina online as it completes yet another caribbean cruise.

The virtual tour provides highly detailed all-access insight into the ship’s cabins, restaurants, bars, theatre, spa and gym as well as other public areas.

Jump in at http://virtual-tours.msccruises.com/MSC-Divina/en-gb/index.html

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