MSC Meraviglia will be able to dock at any cruise port around the world, expanding your choice of itineraries and destinations: a huge added bonus for any traveller.
11 JUN 2017
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Cruising the Mediterranean with MSC Cruises means coming within reach of the best in culture, tradition and monuments that have for centuries enriched its shores. 

Travelling on an MSC Cruise will give you the opportunity to get a closer look at the historic ports of Italy, from Genoa to Naples, to immerse yourself into Spanish culture in Barcelona. 


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Charming Capri

Northen Europe

Messina may well be your first sight of Sicily, and – from your MSC holiday cruise ship – it’s a fine one, the glittering town spread up the hillside beyond its sickle-shaped Mediterranean harbour.
On a shore excursion you can discover Messina’s most important monument, the Duomo, which epitomizes the city’s phoenix-like ability to re-create itself from the ashes of its last disaster.


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Northen Europe
Taormina's Greco-Roman theatre
Mount Etna


The UNESCO-protected port of Valletta, the capital of the island of Malta, is one of the must-see stops for every Mediterranean cruise of merit.

You can admire this port, constructed in the second half of the 16th century by the Frenchman Jean de la Valette and moulded by the religious and military Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, from your MSC ship even before disembarking.


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Church Assumption Our Lady
Comino Island
Popeye Village