Why You Should Go All-Inclusive With MSC Cruises

Going all-inclusive with MSC Cruises can be an immensely liberating feeling, injecting an extra carefree element to your time at sea. If you’ve never experienced an all-inclusive cruise, you don't know what you're missing: we're going to tell you right now...

"I want it all and I want it now," so goes the famous refrain from one of Queen’s most famous songs; it’s a line that perfectly sums up this feature. 

Going all-inclusive with MSC Cruises can be an immensely liberating feeling, injecting an extra carefree element to your time at sea. 
Maybe you’ve never experienced the joys of an all-inclusive cruise. Well, you don’t know what you’re missing so we’re going to tell you right now... 

Any drink, any time
Going all-inclusive means you can have almost anything your heart desires during your time with MSC Cruises, and you can have it pretty much whenever you feel like it. 
Fancy a cosmopolitan with your corn flakes? No problem. Lager for lunch? Okay. Need a sugared double espresso before hitting the hay? You probably won’t get much sleep, but sure, you’re the boss. 

Any meal, any time
Let’s not forget about the grub; every guest onboard an MSC Cruises ship has access to the 20-hour buffet. 
However, upgrading to all-inclusive and one of the various experience packages or the MSC Yacht Club, grants you access to the elegant specialty restaurants. 

No worry   
Worrying about your bar tab is a surefire way to kill your mid-cruise buzz. Asking yourself questions like ‘how much has all this beer cost me so far?’ or ‘should I not have ordered that extra glass of wine last night?’ are likely to bring you back to shore mentally long before you’re actually due to disembark. 
Going all-inclusive means you don’t have to be concerned if you’ve ordered more than you really should have. This brings us nicely on to... 

Save money
One of the most liberating experiences is hopping onto a cruise for a well-deserved break. But that refreshing sense of freedom can quickly feel dampened when you feel like you’re spending too much.   
Opting for an all-inclusive drinks package means you actually stand to save money, as opposed to ordering drinks separately. 

Stay refreshed
They say that having a great time can be thirsty work. Okay, well, maybe they don’t, but that can be your justification when you’re taking advantage of the vast and varied all-inclusive drinks packages onboard MSC Cruises ships. 
Everyone has their favourite tipple and chances are it’ll be bundled in with one of our all-encompassing beverage packs. 
With the all-inclusive class drink package, you can drink all you want, wherever you want, in total freedom and with a light heart. Spirits, liqueurs, cocktails, wines by the glass and beer - draught and bottled - are all included in there, as are several non-alcoholic options like fruit juice, premium mineral water, premium coffee, canned sodas, energy drinks and even ice cream! 
You’ll be able to grab any of these from any of the on-board bars, as well as at the self-service buffet and restaurants. 

A child-friendly version of the all-inclusive classic drink package removes the alcoholic options (obviously!), instead offering unlimited non-alcoholic cocktails, smoothies and milkshakes, as well as the alcohol-free options in the adult package: canned soft drinks, energy drinks, mineral water, fruit juices, coffee-based drinks, hot chocolate delights and takeaway ice cream in a cone or cup. 

There’s a deluxe version of the all-inclusive drink package too, which throws in premium brand spirits, drinks from the theme bar menus and minibar. Opting for the deluxe option slashes 30 per cent from the cost of all champagnes and wines too. 

Items included in the all-inclusive drinks packages available onboard can vary. Check our Terms and Conditions on msccruises.co.uk to find out exactly what is bundled-in with your package.

Go all-inclusive and customise your voyage with MSC Cruises