Drink Packages

We’ve created an array of great-value drink packages and cabin treatments to offer you the choice of refreshment that most appeals to you, from soft drinks to fine wines, premium beers and much more!
Our all-inclusive cruise options and rich drink packages give you carte blanche to quench your thirst whenever you like and can be combined with a huge selection of cruise holidays.
We also offer many options that can be served directly to your cabin to delight you or to surprise your loved one!
Below our best selection of drink packages.
Book now and give yourself the gift of total relaxation and pleasure!


Book now your drink packages available starting from Winter 2021-2022 cruises and available until Summer 2023 cruises !


Please be advised that in respect to the Saudi Law, alcohol will not be served during the Calls in Saudi Arabian ports.

Alcohol will be available to our guests when the ship sails in International Waters. 

*prices shown in personal area are already discounted


Are beverage packages available on all sailings, fleetwide?

Yes, drink packages are available on all MSC Cruises ships, however South Africa and China sailings will not offer drink packages.

Are gratuities included in the drinks package cost?

Yes. All MSC Cruises' pre-paid drink packages include gratuities.

Can drinks packages be used on Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve?

Yes, all drink packages can be consumed in Ocean Cay island. The Ocean Cay beverage offering may not include the full onboard beverage selection.

What is now included in the new packages?

The New Easy Package offers a wide selection of unlimited drinks and cocktails while the Easy Plus Package includes more than 150 drinks and the Premium Extra more than 200 drinks.

If an adult purchases a drinks package, are underage guests required to do the same thing as well?

Yes, the Non-Alcoholic Child or the Minors Package must be purchased for all under age guests travelling with adults who purchase a beverage package.

I purchased a drinks package before the new Winter 2021-2022 ones were available. What happens to my package?

MSC gives the opportunity to all guests who purchased an old drinks package to upgrade to the new Easy Plus and Premium Extra packages through their travel agency, our contact center or on board. Guest who do not upgrade their packages will benefit from the old ones.

Can I upgrade my drink package?

Yes, this option is available to all our guests. They can upgrade their drink package through their travel agency, our contact center or on board.

Do the drinks included in drinks packages vary depending on the ships, destinations or seasons? 

Yes, the products vary depending on destination and season.

I booked a Grand Voyages cruise or an MSC World Cruise. Is there any drinks package included?

What drink package is included in the Aurea Experience?

The Easy Package will be included for all cruises booked with the Aurea Experience.

Can I purchase a drink package before my cruise?

Yes, all drink packages can be purchased before the cruise by benefiting of a 15% discount vs onboard prices.