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There is always a good reason to treat yourself to a cruise holiday: discovering charming destinations, sailing between fascinating cultures, being captivated by horizons, cities and sites of stunning beauty all while enjoying the unrivaled comfort of MSC Cruises. The reason to travel is even more compelling when you can seize the opportunity to set sail taking advantage of the best cruise offers, from last-minute cruise deals to all-inclusive cruises and cruise packages such as Fly Cruise and Stay & Cruise.


In this short guide you will go through all the essential information to help you booking your cruise deal in 2024 or 2025. Whether you are searching for the finest cruise offer to set sail with your friends for a fun and adventurous holiday or create unforgettable moments with your family and loved ones, here you will find all the useful tips to book the best cruise deal perfectly tailored for you.

When is the best time to get a cruise deal?

Whenever you're ready to embark on a cruise, enticing offers and savings are waiting for you. Each season paints its own unique set of colors and feelings with stunning destinations ready to be embraced and savored in the unparalleled comfort of MSC Cruises. And to fully immerse yourself in these experiences, simply let yourself be inspired by a wide array of cruise specials and browse our summer cruises, autumn cruises, winter cruises and Spring cruises. Whether it's a vibrant spring, a sun-soaked summer, a golden autumn, or a fairytale winter, amazing cruise deals await your voyage.


Have you defined a precise month for your forthcoming cruise holiday? Then don't miss the opportunity to browse our monthly cruise deals and take a moment to explore our selection of January cruises, February cruises, March Cruises, April Cruises, May Cruises, June cruises, July cruises, August cruises, September cruises, October cruises, November cruises and December cruises with unmissable Christmas cruise deals. If you haven't planned any travel yet but you suddenly feel the urge to leave for a new adventure at the earliest opportunity, last-minute cruise deals are the perfect solution for you. Any time of year is perfect to take advantage of a great cruise deal!

How to find the best cruise offers?

If you are wondering how to find the best cruise specials, you are in the right place. The MSC Cruises website is constantly updated with the best cruise offers of the moment, from all-inclusive cruises to last-minute cruise deals including cruise discounts and promotions.

On our website you will not only find the latest cruise deals, but also a place where you can easily book your next cruise holiday. We have made sure your cruise planning to be amusing and inspiring, just as if you were already on board enjoying your journey! Based on your selected destination, you'll be able to view all the cruise deals available for the spots you'd like to explore. All it takes is picking your desired travel frame and departure port and be inspired by MSC’s cruise offers.

Where will our cruise deals take you?

Still unsure where MSC's cruise specials will take you? Look through all the available cruise destinations and learn more about our itineraries. Wherever you choose to sail, exceptional cruise offers are within your reach. Indulge in the irresistible charm of the world's most captivating cities and popular seaside destinations sailing with our Mediterranean cruises. Let yourself be captivated by wonderful beaches and volcanic landscapes with a Canary Islands and Madeira cruise. If you crave the soothing embrace of tranquil tropical relaxation enjoying your favourite cocktail in the shade of a palm tree, choose from our wide array of Caribbean cruises. For enthusiasts of awe-inspiring nature and fascinating adventures among the wildest places on earth, our Northern Europe cruises or South Africa cruises promise journeys filled with indelible memories.


Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of our Emirates cruises as they transport you to the realm of futuristic splendor in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Explore the wonders of the United States and Canada through North America Cruises or let yourself be swept away by the rhythmic beats of samba or tango with South America Cruises. Alternatively, discover the Land of the Rising Sun culture and wonders, with our Far East cruises. The dreamiest destinations are just a click away with MSC’s cruise deals!

How to book the best cruise offers?

There are multiple ways to book a cruise deal. However, if you seek the simplest and quickest way to take advantage of the best holiday deals, we highly recommend booking it through our website.

Not only because our website is constantly updated with the best cruise promotions currently available, but also because here you can find everything you should know to truly plan the journey of a lifetime, from our cruise ships and shore excursions to all the relevant information regarding dining and drinks, cruise entertainment, families & kids activities and SPA and beauty treatments. We have made sure your cruise planning to be amusing and inspiring, just as if you were already on board enjoying your cruise holiday.