Cruises from and to Rome via Civitavecchia, Italy

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Rome Cruises via Civitavecchia: immerse yourself in history

There are so many reasons to embark on a Rome cruise. A lifetime would not be enough to explore everything that the Eternal City has to offer. All roads lead to Rome, the saying goes, and it certainly felt that way through the centuries as Emperors and Popes used their vast wealth to build monuments worthy of this great city.

This living history has withstood the test of time – and a number of sackings. It is still possible stand in the Colosseum and imagine you are watching a gladiatorial battle, to picture horses racing across the Circus Maximus or to feel divinely inspired in the Pantheon.

Best Rome cruises via Civitavecchia

Visit Rome with MSC Cruises. Explore the wonders of Classical civilisation in Greece, Turkey and Sicily before sailing to Civitavecchia cruise port for a dose of Roman history. Discover the Western Mediterranean via Spain and France or set a course for Brazil with MSC Grand Voyages. Choose the perfect Rome cruise and then simply relax!

Cruises from Rome via Civitavecchia in 2024

The Eternal City (as Rome is known) was once at the heart of a vast empire that reached from the Atlantic Ocean to the Caspian Sea. Follow in the wake of ancient ships transporting goods and travellers across the Mediterranean by embarking on one of our cruises from Rome 2024.

Set sail from Civitavecchia cruise port to explore the vibrant French city of Marseille and the Spanish port of Valencia, founded as a Roman colony in 138 BC. Learn more about Italian history by charting a course to Naples (Pompeii), Messina (Taormina) and Venice.

Soak up the sun and discover how Classical civilisations shaped the Mediterranean Sea in centuries past with our cruises from Civitavecchia to the Greek Islands of Mykonos and Santorini or Turkey.

Indulge your spirit of adventure with a selection of MSC Grand Voyages cruises from Rome. Sail south from the Mediterranean to ever-vibrant Brazil, to admire the paradisical beaches of  Rio de Janeiro and the cultural festivals of Salvador.

Rome Cruise, Italy | MSC Cruises

Rome cruise deals via Civitavecchia

Book your Civitavecchia cruise now and let yourself be swept away by the history, art and mouth-watering food of the Eternal City. Don’t miss our Rome cruise deals.


Cruises to Rome via Civitavecchia in 2024

Follow in the footsteps of travellers through the ages and visit Rome on a Rome Cruise. With its Classical sculptures, its Baroque masterpieces, its Roman markets and its pavement cafes, the Eternal City is the gift that keeps on giving.

Take a deep dive through layers of history: walk under arches and over mosaic floors in the Baths of Caracalla and follow the route of an ancient aqueduct from the Trevi Fountain to Piazza Navona. Step across the Tiber river and enjoy a brush with the divine in St Peter’s Basilica and the majestic Sistine Chapel.

And of course, no cruise to Rome is complete without experiencing the city’s neighbourhood life. Head to buzzing Trastevere and pull up a chair in one of its many traditional trattorie to taste carbonara the way it should be made.

Round off your Rome cruise by charting a course towards the leafy gardens of Tivoli or explore the ancient Etruscan tombs of Tarquinia, a stone’s throw from the Civitavecchia cruise port.

Rome Cruise, Italy | MSC Cruises

Rome excursions: discover a new side to the Eternal City

Bring Rome’s ancient sites to life with MSC Cruises’ Rome shore excursions.

There are so many layers to this city, where the ruins of Classical antiquity jostle for space with monumental Baroque sculptures amid narrow medieval streets, while the pace of modern life plays out in cafes and restaurants. Whichever way you turn, there are new, unmissable Rome attractions to choose from.

Our Rome tours are carefully curated to help guide you on this extraordinary cultural journey. Local experts are on hand to lift the veil on 3,000 years of life in the Eternal City. Browse our choice of Rome excursions to uncover your ideal trip.

How to reach Civitavecchia cruise port

Where do MSC Cruises’ ships dock in Rome?

MSC Cruises’ ships dock at the Rome Cruise Terminal (RCT) in Civitavecchia port when stopping in Rome. Rome’s cruise port and terminal is located in the coastal port town of Civitavecchia, which is around 74 kilometres north-west of Rome.

How do I reach the car park at Civitavecchia cruise port?

The car park at Civitavecchia port is located in front of the Rome Cruise Terminal (RCT). You will find it on your right as you enter the port area, before reaching the cruise terminal itself. When you approach the centre of Civitavecchia, follow signs to the ‘centro’ until you see signs to ‘porto imbarchi.’ Follow the directions and once you enter the port from Varco Vespucci (the only vehicle access gate available) continue to dock 25 following the internal signs.



Address: Località Prato del Turco, 00053 Civitavecchia

Tel. +39 0766366566


  • Free shuttle service
  • MSC Parking is bookable online up to 48 hours before your cruise departure. Bookings after the 48 hour deadline can be made directly with MSC Parking, and the same reduced rates will be applied when presenting your cruise travel documents


Car/Suv/VAN/Camper 3 € 41
Car/Suv/VAN/Camper 5 € 68
Car/Suv/VAN/Camper 8 € 76
Car/Suv/VAN/Camper 9 € 103
Car/Suv/VAN/Camper 10 € 116
Car/Suv/VAN/Camper 11 € 130
Car/Suv/VAN/Camper 12 € 144
Car/Suv/VAN/Camper 13 € 151
Car/Suv/VAN/Camper 15 € 151

How do I get to the cruise port in Civitavecchia from the train station?

Civitavecchia’s rail station is located around two and a half kilometres south-east of the cruise terminal, just south of the town centre. You can also travel by taxi, which should take around ten minutes, depending on traffic, or a local shuttle bus, which takes around 15 minutes. The shuttle bus leaves every 20-25 minutes and costs €6 per person/per way.

How do I get from Rome Airport to the cruise port?

The main international airport in Rome is Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, which is located approximately 71 kilometres south-east of the Rome Cruise Terminal (RCT) in Civitavecchia and approximately 30 kilometres west of Rome. The easiest way to reach the cruise port from Fiumicino Airport is to request an MSC Cruises transfer service by calling the MSC Cruises call centre. Alternatively, you can use a taxi, which should take around one hour (depending on traffic), but could cost over €100.

There is also the option to use public transport. Firstly, take a train from Fiumicino Airport to Roma Termini, the main rail station in Rome. From there, it’s possible to get another train to Civitavecchia. From Civitavecchia, take a local shuttle bus that will transport you directly to the cruise terminal.

If driving, take the A91 road out of Fiumicino Airport towards Rome and follow the signs to Civitavecchia. Exit onto the E80 road northwards until you see the exit for Civitavecchia and signs to ‘porto imbarchi’. You will then be directed to the cruise port and the terminal for MSC Cruises.

What is the weather like in Rome?

Rome has a typical Mediterranean climate (much like Civitavecchia), with hot, sunny summers and cool, rainy winters. The hottest months in Rome are typically July and August, which have average daily high temperatures of 31°C. These also tend to be the driest months in Rome, with just two days of rainfall per month on average. Meanwhile, the coldest months in Rome are typically December and January, with daily high temperatures averaging between 12-13°C. The wettest month in Rome is typically November, which sees an average of nine days of rainfall.

Is Rome expensive?

Cost-wise, Rome is broadly similar to many other popular tourist destinations in Europe. However, it can easily be enjoyed on a more limited budget, and there are many free things to do in the city. One of the best things to do in Rome is simply to walk around and explore at your own leisure, taking in the stunning architecture and historic sights like the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps and St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City. There are also many gardens, parks and hills to walk up which offer superb views, such as Aventine Hill and Villa Borghese. When it comes to eating, you can easily find great pizza and pasta (as well as wine and beer) at reasonable prices if you move a little out of the most popular areas for tourists.

Is there a beach in Rome?

As Rome is located around 30 minutes from the coast, there are no beaches within the city itself. However, the cruise terminal for MSC Cruises is located in Civitavecchia, which is on the coast and offers plenty of beaches nearby that are great for relaxing on. One of the most popular is Santa Marinella, only a short train ride away from the town. Slightly further away is Santa Severa, featuring a historic castle at its southern end.

For those who don’t want to venture too far from the cruise terminal, Il Pirgo can be found within Civitavecchia and has lots of amenities, including beachside bars and restaurants. However, if you’re willing to travel a little further to find a great beach, head to Lido di Ostia – considered to be one of the best beaches near Rome – which can be found in the ancient port town of Ostia.