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Genoa cruises: Portofino, history and local cuisine

Gateway to the Italian Riviera, the Port of Genoa is one of the most important (and one of the largest) in Italy, a strategic harbour since ancient times.
Cruises to Genoa offer the chance to explore its many sights, including Genoa Aquarium, designed by architect Renzo Piano, and the city’s picturesque Boccadasse district, a lakeside fishing village. Genoa excursions also offer the opportunity to taste signature dishes made from fresh ingredients, such as pesto Genovese and focaccia.
On a Genoa cruise, guests can also admire one of Italy’s most beautiful stretches of coastline or an excursion to the UNESCO-listed Cinque Terre. Its five fishing villages, perched on steep cliffs, offer superb sea views, small seafood restaurants, and a tableau of townhouses.

Best Genoa (Portofino) cruises

Visit Genoa with MSC Cruises to explore much-loved Mediterranean destinations.

A Genoa cruise can also take you much further afield, for those who want to continue their adventures around the globe.

Cruises from Genoa (Portofino) in 2024

Dive into the Italian Riviera from Genoa, as well as countries across the Mediterranean and the Americas. Our cruises from Genoa in 2024 unlock the best of Italy: coastal towns like Sicily’s Taormina, Olbia and the Emerald Coast in Sardinia, Civitavecchia for those seeking out Rome, Livorno for jaunts to Florence, or sail south to Naples.

Some cruises from Genoa also stop at choice French coastal spots, including Marseilles (a perfect base for Provence) and Cannes for the Côtes d’Azur. For a change of scene, choose a route that stops at ancient Turkish ports like Kusadasi and Istanbul, or go further with MSC World Cruise by heading to South-East Asia and Australia.

If that puts you in the mood for exploration, ou MSC Grand Voyages itineraries from Genoa can whisk you to Brazil’s enthralling Rio de Janeiro and to sun-soaked Barbados, the Canadian wilderness and enough far-flung spots to last a lifetime. It’s all available from Genoa cruise port.

Cruises from Genoa, Italy | MSC Cruises

Genoa (Portofino) cruise deals

Take advantage of the best Genoa cruise deals and start mapping-out the holiday of a lifetime.

Cruises to Genoa (Portofino) in 2024

Take a cruise to Genoa to explore this centre of power and commerce in the Mediterranean, with its imposing churches and palaces, and brilliantly futuristic aquarium designed by Renzo Piano. Around the historic centre is a tangle of medieval streets known as caruggi, unique to the city.
Watch the skies light up around Lanterna di Genova, the city’s 12th-century lighthouse, or admire the pale-stone Gothic wonder of Genoa Cathedral. Guests on a Genoa cruise can see the wooded hills and pastel-painted villas on the Ligurian Coast, with excursions to coastal hideaways like Portofino, full of brightly painted medieval houses, and the seafront villages of the Cinque Terre.
Though you’ll never tire of Italy’s rustic villages and refined lifestyle, a cruise to Genoa can also cover some other, similarly inviting destinations. These include the blissful beaches of Turkey’s Kuşadası and the Balearic buzz of Spanish islands like Palma de Mallorca.

Cruises to Genoa, Italy | MSC Cruises

Find inspiration on a huge range of Genoa excursions

Genoa excursions further open up this enchanting city and its surroundings, offering the chance to see the Ligurian Coast and its fragrant citrus groves, or simply to delve deeper into Genoa’s maritime history.

Nearby towns like Portofino and its scattering of sea-facing restaurants are within easy reach, or a little further afield lie grander spots like the high-style capital of Milan.

Put simply, guests on Genoa tours have a world of Italian culture to look forward to, from boat trips to archaeological adventures led by knowledgeable guides.

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How to reach Genoa cruise port

Where do MSC Cruises’ ships dock in Genoa?

MSC Cruises’ ships dock at Genova Cruise Terminal, located at Genova Ponte dei Mille/Ponte Andrea Doria.


These piers are located less than two kilometres west from the Genoa city centre and are conveniently close to the city’s main railway station, bus stops, Principe metro station and the SS1 freeway, meaning that it’s easy to reach whether you’re arriving by road or rail.

How do I reach the car park at Genoa cruise port?

There is a valet car parking service available to MSC Cruises passengers.

Whether you’re driving from Genoa’s city centre or from the airport, you’ll need to follow signs to ‘terminal crociere’, which is signposted from both directions. Approaching the terminal, there are MSC ship’s signs leading them to the luggage drop off, where the parking, by the car valet service mentioned above will withdraw guest’s cars as well.


Garage Ponte dei Mille

Tel. +39 010 24 62 613


MSC Parking is bookable online up to 48 hours before your cruise departure. Bookings after the 48 hour deadline can be made directly with MSC Parking, and the same reduced rates will be applied when presenting your cruise travel documents


Car/Suv 4 € 70
Car/Suv 5 € 80
Car/Suv 6 € 90
Car/Suv 7 € 100
Car/Suv 8 € 110
Car/Suv 9 € 120
Car/Suv 10 € 130
Car/Suv 11 € 140
Car/Suv 12 € 150
Car/Suv 13 € 160


Van 4 € 80
Van 5 € 90
Van 6 € 110
Van 7 € 130
Van 8 € 140
Van 9 € 150
Van 10 € 160
Van 11 € 170
Van 12 € 180
Van 13 € 190


How to get to the Genoa cruise port from the train station?

If arriving in Genoa by train, you’ll likely find yourself at the city’s main rail station, Genova Piazza Principe, which is located around 500 metres from the cruise port, making it an easy walk to the cruise terminal.

To get to the cruise port, hold right hand as you get away from the station on to Via Andrea Doria. You will see some stairs leading down on your left hand, in front of Principe metro station. Go down the steps and across the square to the main road, turn right and then take the immediate left, where you will see the cruise terminal ahead of you.

How do I get from Genoa Airport to the cruise port?

Genova City Airport, also known as Christopher Columbus Airport, is located around 6 kilometres to the west from the cruise port. The easiest way to get to the cruise terminal from the airport is to request an MSC Transfer service, which you can do easily by contacting the MSC call centre or your travel agent. 

If using public transport, either take the Volabus airport shuttle that takes you directly to Genova Piazza Principe rail station in around 30 minutes, or take the train, which arrives at the same station in about 10 minutes. Note that the train station Genova Cornigliano, is around a 10-minute walk from the airport. Genova Piazza Principe is around 500 metres from the cruise terminal. 

If driving, leave the airport and follow signs to ‘centro’ to the SS1 freeway. Stay on the SS1 until you reach a fork in the road. Keep left, following the sign to ‘passenger terminals,’ then keep right until you reach the cruise terminal, following the MSC Ship’s signs you will find Ponte dei Mille and the luggage drop off point after around one kilometre. The entire journey should take around 15 minutes in good traffic conditions.

Does Genoa have a beach?

There are a number of great beaches nearby Genoa. In fact, the coastal area surrounding Genoa, known as the Ligurian Riviera, has some of Italy’s finest beaches.


One of the best beaches within the city limits is Spiaggia di Boccadasse, which is located in the former fishing village of Boccadasse, around six kilometres to the east of the cruise port. This beach here is small and surrounded by colourful Ligurian architecture.


Other beaches nearby worth visiting include Spiaggia di Vernazzola and Spiaggia di Sturla.
Other great beaches in the region are located near Camogli, a town around 20 kilometres to the east of Genoa that can be reached in under an hour by train. A little bit further on is Portofino, one of the most stunning coastal towns in the country, surrounded by beautiful coves.

What should I do in Genoa in one day?

If you only have one day in Genoa, take time to explore the myriad narrow streets and alleyways of the Old Town. Here, you’ll find museums, ancient architecture and sprawling palaces. And don’t forget that the city is full of excellent restaurants, serving up plenty of local pesto Genovese on all kinds of pasta dishes.

Some of the most popular sights include the Christopher Columbus House, Palazzo San Giorgio, Cattedrale di San Lorenzo and Piazza de Ferrari, Genoa’s main square. There are also hours to be spent visiting Genoa Aquarium (Italy’s largest aquarium), conveniently located close to the cruise port. Alternatively, explore Boccadasse, a beautiful coastal village. Wherever you choose to ear, make sure to try traditional pesto Genovese, as you’re in the birthplace of this famous sauce.

What is the weather like in Genoa?

Genoa has a typical Mediterranean climate with warm and dry summers and mild winters. The warmest months are typically July and August, with daily high temperatures usually averaging 28°C, while daily highs average above 20°C from May until October. The coolest months are usually January and February, with daily high temperatures averaging around 12°C. July is often the driest month in Genoa, with just two days of rain on average.