The best tours for your trip to Venice - Marghera, Italy

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The best excursions for your cruise to Venice - Marghera, Italy

There are places whose names alone are enough to inspire a sense of magical and peerless plunge into beauty. Venice ranks among these. By the very thought of its name, a straightaway image of an ethereal city, set between water and sky, majestic and as colourful as only an authentic work of art can be, flow before your eyes.

There are truly endless wonders waiting to entrance your eyes during your trip to Venice. Marvel at the stunning Byzantine architecture of St. Mark's Basilica, behold the iconic Bridge of Sighs or take some time to stroll and explore the exquisite Venetian alleyways, or 'calli' as they are properly called. Snap a selfie with the splendid backdrop of the Grand Canal, while in Murano visit the workshop of a famous glassblower and fully experience the grandeur of Venetian craftsmanship. Enrich your Venice getaway with MSC Cruises Shore Excursions, meticulously planned to ensure you explore the city in total peace of mind!

Excursions in Venice

Are you longing for a memorable gondola ride through the enchanting canals of Venice or a leisurely stroll through St. Mark's Square, discovering the magnificence of the Doge's Palace and the famous Clock Tower? Perhaps you would like to learn more about the ancient art of Murano glass-blowing? MSC Shore Excursions offers a variety of Venice tours to help you experience the awe-inspiring beauty he Winged Lion city!

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Sail towards stunning Venice and indulge in her fairy-tale allure with MSC Cruises itineraries. Disembark and wonder: the city unveils an epic of artistic mastery that awakens the desire for discovery. With MSC Cruises your voyage continues toward other adventures to the Greek islands or Dalmatian Coast or even further eastward to Turkey and Israel. Book your next cruise to Venice!

why choose msc shore excursions to venice

Unveil Venice onboard an MSC cruise and indulge in its charm through a fascinating program of Venice tours and excursions! Come ashore and allow the city's spellbinding history and beauty to enthrall your senses as local guides introduce you with zest to Venice's many secrets and delights.


How can I get to Venice from the Venice - Marghera Cruise Terminal?

Venice cruises are docked in Venice – Marghera. Guests with an MSC Shore Excursion in Venice will be taken directly from the ship docked at Venice - Marghera to St. Mark’s Square by boat. The boat tour is approximately 45 minutes long and provides a scenic view of Venice's canals. The on board MSC Excursions team will take care of every detail.

In which language Venice excursions are conducted?

MSC Shore Excursions in Venice can be provided in 5 languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian) based on guide availability. We'll confirm the final language during your cruise.

Are Venice tours always available to be booked?

Due to their popularity, some Venice excursions may not always be available. For this reason, we strongly recommend booking your Venice tour in advance to ensure availability.

Can Venice excursion programme be changed?

The excursion programme only provides an overview of the tours that can be arranged in Venice. The final tour descriptions and prices will be confirmed on board. MSC Shore Excursions programs and itineraries may vary due to local conditions or unforeseen events, which may impact the timing of the tour. Also, the program is subject to change in compliance with local regulations or other restrictions.