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Cruises to Kiel, Germany | MSC Cruises

Kiel cruises: maritime heritage, beaches and lovely Lübeck

Where the sea is concerned, nowhere is more important in Germany – and, arguably, Northern Europe – than Kiel. This Schleswig-Holstein port city is a vital link between the Baltic and North Seas, heading up the Kiel Canal, the world’s busiest artificial waterway, which connects the two.
Kiel is one of Northern Europe’s major cruise and shipbuilding hubs, too, and a Kiel cruise can show you the delights of Kieler Woche (Kiel Week), one of Europe’s biggest regattas, and Kiel Aquarium with its eclectic assortment of Baltic and North Sea sea life.

Best Kiel cruises

Kiel’s handy location within reach of numerous Northern European ports makes it perfect to combine with a four- to 14-night cruise from the UK via Rotterdam, Netherlands or La Rochelle, France.

A Kiel cruise can travel further afield to the likes of Bilbao in Spain. Also visit Kiel as part of a seven-night cruise to Scandinavia.

Cruises from Kiel in 2024

From Kiel cruise port you can embark on a cruise in several directions. For starters, a cruise from Kiel can encompass vibrant close-by Northern German ports Hamburg and Lübeck.

Kiel can be a port of call on a memorable journey from Southampton in the UK, taking in iconic destinations along the Northern European seaboard. This includes France’s Le Havre, with its UNESCO-listed post-war architecture – also a jump-off points for excursions to Paris. Alternatively, include Kiel in a longer cruise that covers south-western French seaside resort La Rochelle and northern Spain’s Bilbao, home to trailblazing contemporary art museum the Guggenheim.

Alternatively, head off on a cruise from Kiel and travel north to Copenhagen in Denmark and beyond. The jaw-droppingly beautiful Norwegian fjords are also within reach on cruises from Kiel.
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Cruises to Kiel, Germany | MSC Cruises

Kiel cruise deals

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Cruises to Kiel in 2024

To take a Kiel cruise is to embark on a story of many mighty chapters. Passengers can see the sights of Kiel itself on various cruises to Kiel, themed by the port’s deep and storied ties with the sea. Unpick Kiel’s maritime heritage at Kiel Maritime Museum or view vessels navigating the planet’s busiest artificial waterway, Kiel Canal. And alight just north of the city to see the poignant Laboe Naval Memorial, a monument to all sailors lost at sea.

On cruises to Kiel, nearby attractions are equally fascinating: Falckensteiner Strand is a lovely, two-kilometre length of sand offering great watersports, Molfsee is one of Germany’s finest open-air museums, and then there’s grand, Baroque Eutin Castle and the Malente area, poised between the bewitching lakes of Dieksee and Kellersee.

A little further away, visit one of Germany’s greatest UNESCO sites, the mesmeric, many-spired city of Lübeck, or linger in Hamburg, where the nation’s best nightlife outside Berlin beckons.

Cruises to Kiel, Germany | MSC Cruises

Kiel shore excursions: maritime sights and castles

Kiel is a port imploring to be explored, with top attractions not just in the city but also within an easy day trip across the Schleswig-Holstein region.

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See sights like Kiel Canal and the Laboe Naval Memorial on maritime Kiel excursions. Alternatively, visit one of Germany’s greatest UNESCO sites, Lübeck, famous for its seven spectacular church spires; experience the elegance of the nation’s second city, Hamburg, or take Kiel tours to lesser-known sights like the 17th-century castle and scenic lakes around Plön.

How to reach Kiel cruise terminal

Where do MSC Cruises’ ships dock in Kiel?

MSC Cruises’ ships dock at the Ostuferhafen Terminal when stopping in Kiel, which is located at the northern end of the Port of Kiel. The cruise terminal address is: Ostuferhafen 15, 24149 Kiel, Germany. It is located around eight kilometres to the east of central Kiel.

How do I reach the car park at Kiel cruise port?

If driving to Kiel cruise port, MSC Cruises passengers have two options for parking: self-service parking at the Port of Kiel or self-service parking with a shuttle at Parken & Meer.

The car park at the Port of Kiel is located within the cruise terminal. To reach the car park from Kiel, head to the B502 road, which runs northwards in the eastern part of the city. When on the B502, keep left and follow signs to Ostuferhafen, and you will turn onto Heikendorfer Weg. Continue to follow signs to Ostuferhafen and you will reach the port area, where you can then follow signs to the port parking area.

The self-service car park with shuttle service at Parken & Meer is near the centre of Kiel, on Benzstraße 10, 24148 Kiel, located to the north-est of Kiel rail station.


KIEL - Parking located inside the terminal with exclusive luggage drop off


Car/Van 8
€ 149
Car/Van 15 € 175



Shuttle - outdoor Parking


Car/Van 8-9
€ 129

How to get to Kiel cruise port from the train station?

Kiel’s main rail station is Kiel Central Station, located on Bahnhofsplatz in the centre of the city, on the opposite side of the harbour to the cruise port.

The easiest way to reach Kiel cruise port from the rail station is to take the MSC shuttle service, which leaves continuously on the day of embarkation up to four hours before cruise departure and costs €10 per person.

Alternatively, you can take public transport. Two bus services – line 11 and line 60S – go to the cruise port from the station. Get off at Grenzstraße and follow signs to the cruise terminal. The bu1s can take up to 30 minutes to reach the destination. You can also get a taxi from the train station to the cruise port, which should take around 15 minutes and should cost approximately €20-€25.

How do I get from Hamburg Airport to Kiel cruise port?

While Kiel does have an airport, it is a small, regional airport with a limited number of flights. International passengers going to Kiel will need to fly to Hamburg International Airport, located around 84 kilometres south of Kiel.
The easiest way to get from Hamburg Airport to the Kiel cruise port is to request an MSC transfer service, which you can do via the MSC call centre.


You can also reach the cruise port using public transport. Either take the Kielius airport bus, which takes you directly from the airport to Kiel Central Bus Station in around 90 minutes, or take the S11 train to Hamburg Central Station, where you can connect to a regional train to Kiel Central Station. You can take public transport or a taxi from both Kiel Central Bus Station and Kiel Central Station to the cruise terminal.

If you are driving, leave Hamburg Airport heading north and join Autobahn 7, before following signs to Kiel. Continue for approximately 60 kilometres before joining the A215 towards Kiel. Stay on the A215 until you reach Kiel, where you can follow signs to Ostuferhafen, where the cruise terminal is located.

What is the weather like in Kiel?

Located in the north of Germany near the south-western shore of the Baltic Sea, Kiel has a temperate maritime climate, with cool summers and mild winters.

The warmest months are typically in summer, with average daily high temperatures of between 20-21°C from June to August. The coolest months are in winter, when daily high temperatures average between 2-4°C from December to February.

Is Kiel expensive?

Kiel is generally more affordable than other major cities in Germany. For example, public transport is fairly cheap, particularly if you are travelling by bus. There are also many free things to do in Kiel, such as visiting the Kiel Botanical Gardens, viewing the Church of St. Nikolai and simply strolling around the city’s interesting streets and harbour front.

What can I do in Kiel in one day?

There are many things to do in Kiel and you can pack a lot into just one day. Head to the Kiel Botanical Gardens, where you can see a diverse range of plant species in a tranquil setting – it’s also free to enter. Also try the centre of Kiel, where you can see the Church of St. Nikolai or visit the aquarium.


After stopping for lunch, go north to one of the area’s many beaches. The most popular beaches near Kiel include Falkensteiner Strand and Schilksee Strandbad, both of which have plenty of amenities and opportunities for watersports. You can also head to Strand Hasselfelde, a smaller but much quieter beach that’s perfect for relaxing on.