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With Stone Age roots and a cosmopolitan edge shaped by being a busy maritime hub for centuries, Southampton, UK, is a place with intriguing layers of history, cultural surprises and natural wonders worth taking the time to explore with MSC shore excursions.

These trips, led by expert guides full of local knowledge, are the best way to visit Southampton. Get to know its Old Town on one of MSC Cruises’ Southampton tours, where you can wander winding streets packed with ancient curios, and view stunningly intact Medieval city walls alongside quaintly crooked Tudor buildings and sweeping Georgian facades. Or unearth the gems in its thriving cultural quarter like the City Art Gallery and Mayflower Theatre and spend time in the bustling marina-side bars and restaurants.

Excursions in southampton

MSC Cruises’ Southampton excursions give you unique access to the sweeping landscapes, Neolithic sites and atmospheric cities dotted around a beautiful part of England. On these illuminating excursions you can get close to Stonehenge, admire the cathedral spires in the Medieval city of Salisbury and get the low-down on the very best places to visit in London, from guides armed with intriguing tales and stories behind the city’s famous landmarks.

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London discovery: an insider's guide to the capital

Two and a half hours from Southampton lies England’s busy, beating heart: London. Be it world-class theatre, galleries, dazzling architecture, historical sites, cutting-edge music and culture, fascinating neighbourhoods or lip-smacking cuisine, it’s all here.


With so much to do, a London tour with MSC Cruises will ensure you see the best bits. Gaze up at the Gothic splendour of Westminster Abbey. Take in panoramas of the Thames at Tower Bridge, snap pictures outside Buckingham Palace and look at famous art in the Tate Modern.

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Southampton tours, Salisbury | MSC Cruises.

Immerse yourself in the history of Stonehenge and Salisbury

Few landmarks hold as much fascination as Stonehenge. This extraordinary prehistoric relic is older than the pyramids and is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Yet why it’s there remains a mystery.


Get nearer to understanding the 5,000-year-old monoliths on a tour that takes you up close to the stones to hear explanations about them from experts in the Bronze Age. Continue through history to Salisbury, which traces its origins to 1220. Salisbury Cathedral is a must-visit, with soaring spires and a copy of the Magna Carta.

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Winchester adventure: tread through England's ancient past

Once home to Alfred the Great, the regal roots of Winchester pepper the city. It oozes history and romance, from its rustic red brick houses to the stone bridges that cross the river gurgling through its centre.


Gaze at its huge Gothic cathedral, visit the Great Hall with a replica Arthurian Round Table (decorated for Henry VIII), and explore the ruins of Wolvesey Castle, once one of England’s great medieval buildings, where royalty wined and dined.

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Five thousand years of unique history cover the rolling hills of southern England. Follow in the footsteps of a millennium’s worth of pilgrims by visiting Neolithic wonders like Stonehenge and quaint cities with towering cathedrals, or take in the heady sights and sounds of London. Continue your European adventure to the great port cities of Hamburg and Rotterdam or sail west to the dramatic coasts of Spain and Portugal. Book a Southampton cruise and uncover the wonders of Europe.

Why choose MSC Shore Excursions to southampton

Don’t miss the treasures hiding in the English countryside. Head inland with our Southampton tours, where in-the-know guides give you access to prehistoric monuments, beguiling cathedral cities, and the vibrant capital of London. Complete your trip by adding MSC shore excursions to your cruise.

southampton tours and excursions FAQ

In which language Southampton excursions are conducted?

Southampton excursions can be conducted in a total of five different languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian and French. However, these languages are based on relevant guide availability. The final language of all MSC shore excursions will be announced to passengers during their cruise.

Are Southampton tours always available to be booked?

We advise passengers to book their Southampton excursions before departing for their cruise, as some Southampton tours may not be available at later stages due to their popularity.

Can Southampton excursion programme be changed?

The MSC shore excursions programme is intended only as an overview guide of available Southampton tours. The final tour itinerary and price for all excursions will be confirmed to passengers onboard their cruise.


Please note that the excursions programme may change depending on factors such as local conditions and unforeseen circumstances. Local laws, regulations or restrictions may also impact elements of any shore excursion.

Does MSC offer a bike tour of Southampton?

Yes, MSC Cruises’ ‘Southampton’s Best Bits by Bike’ tour invites guests to explore the highlights of a European cruise capital from the seat of a bike. Lead by an informative guide, the tour whisks guests along the shopping promenade, past the Titanic Engineers’ Memorial and Southampton City Art Gallery, then out of town to Southampton Common, a huge park teeming with flora and fauna. After passing Southampton University, take a break in one of the local pubs, before continuing to the Solent Sky aviation museum and the city centre, where you’ll find the medieval Bargate, and the Tudor House & Garden.

MSC Cruises also offers the ‘Southampton’s Best Bits by E-bike’ excursion, which covers the same sights, but using an electric bike instead.

What is included in the 'Stonehenge and Salisbury' tour?

MSC Cruises ‘Stonehenge and Salisbury’ tour invites guests to immerse themselves in a day of mystery and antiquity. The first stop is Stonehenge, one of the UK’s most magical and ancient sites, dating back around 5,000 years. Shrouded in history due to its unknown origins, guests can view the stones from up-close while appreciating the atmosphere of this sacred site.


Next, continue the trip back in time with a visit to the 13th-century town of Salisbury, whose cathedral is regarded as one of the UK’s finest medieval churches – its lofty spire can be seen from miles away.

What is included in the 'A day in London' tour?

Spend a day in one of the most iconic and influential cities in the world on MSC Cruises ‘A Day in London’ tour. A coach drive transports guests to the English capital, where they can grab photos of world-famous attractions like St Paul’s Cathedral and Big Ben, while spotting London’s iconic red busses and phone boxes.


There’s also free time for exploring, shopping and lunch in Covent Garden before returning to the ship.