MSC Grandiosa is the first ship from our fleet to welcome back on board guests from Schengen countries and the first ship to implement our Health and Safety protocol.

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We at MSC Cruises are proud to provide an excellent guest experience and we are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve.


"Our holidays were very relaxing despite the recent tough times"


Joanna A.

"Thanks MSC! A grandiose cruise just like the ship!"


Donatella G.

"We felt very safe and all of the staff was friendly"

Giovanna G.

"I simply thank you for the wonderful experience that MSC has given me."

"being the first departure after the lockdown everything was perfect, I would have gladly stayed another week!"



"Wonderful cruise! I have already done many cruises but this was by far the one I enjoyed the most! Congratulations to MSC who never disappoints"

Silvana B.


" I'm currently onboard! We are experiencing special moments and being pampered, in total safety! Outstanding! Congratulations on the overall organization and the COVID protocol! "


"it was my first cruise, and considering the period was COVID19, MSC has put in place an effective protocol, my and my wife's impression is positive, even during the excursions the staff always behaved in a professional way "


"Due to the situation caused by Covid, this year's experience with MSC Grandiosa was nevertheless extraordinary !!! Thanks MSC!"

"I am delighted to have been your guest. I hope to be able to leave again in your company as soon as possible. Thank you for your kindness and for your arrangement."



"I suggest watching the press conference on YouTube; really interesting! I believe it is ultimately the safest holiday you can go on!"


"Given the current situation caused by Covid-19, an MSC cruise is the only holiday I would recommend."

Helenia D.
"My last cruise before the lockdown was on board MSC Grandiosa. Such a beautiful ship. Good luck!!"



"We are happy to have been back on board. We have been loyal and loyal customers for years. We will continue to follow you if we can. Thanks, see you soon "



"Everything was perfect on this wonderful cruise where we felt  protected by your anti covid measures. The food was delicious and the cleanliness of the ship was excellent"

Marisa C.

Planning to sail on board MSC Grandiosa?

Find out more about our Health and Safety protocol